Gets People Talking

And yesterday’s prompt over at the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to write about the blog posts or status updates that received the most responses.

I definitely generate conversation over on Facebook when I refer to my horrible housekeeping tendencies.

Instead of getting all serious about why this all came to be–yes, there is more to it than just plain laziness (grin)–I thought I’d write a little poem about it.

If you want a glare

That blinds your eyes

And skating rinks for floors

If you want no smudge

Or fingerprints

On windows and on doors

If you want the books

All neatly shelved

And papers all pristine

If you want not

Dust nor wafting web

Hanging from the beam

If you want the dishes

Clean and dry

The laundry out of sight

If you want a house

That’s spic and span

Morning, noon, and night

If you want to

Ooh and aah some

And wonder how it’s done

Back away

From my front door

Turn away and run!



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