I Survived

Yesterday was my son’s 24th birthday. It was the first time we haven’t been together and I actually survived.

I went to bed last night feeling bummed. My husband’s family and my family used to get together annually. One thing led to another and that fell by the wayside.

For years, we got together with Dave’s side of the family the first or second Saturday in December to celebrate Christmas. Both nephews moved a fair distant away. Work schedules changed. And that, too, became a thing of the past.

My family would get together once or twice a year, but now that both my folks are gone, I don’t see that happening as much.

Even though two of our three kids still live under our roof, we don’t really do that much together.

Life, as they say, happens.

But sometimes we have to

Like I said to Dave before dozing off last night, if I could give parents one piece of advice, it would be this:

Create family traditions and as much as possible, stick with them.

I appreciate the fact that people and situations change, but it’s so important not to simply allow what is precious to slip through our fingers.

And believe me, family is precious!



4 thoughts on “I Survived

    1. Thanks, my friend. The feeling was short-lived. However, it reminded me that we have to be deliberate about building positive memories for our children and extended family. Time really does fly by . . . though when they’re little, some days seem to drag on forever. (grin)

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