Say What?

Before my mom passed away, she gave me insight into what a confusing world this can be for older people. This post is not to make you sad, but to give you some perspective and maybe a laugh or two.

You’re going to have to use your imagination. Pretend you only have an understanding of what the following words meant 50 years ago. Conjure up the mental picture and see where the confusion lies.

1. I have to shut some of the windows or my machine will freeze.

2. You have to double click the mouse.

3. I need new hardware.

4. How many new messages do you have in your inbox?

5. This monitor is hurting my eyes.

6. Do you want to surf the net?

7. There’s a tower under the desk.

8. I’m going to crawl around the web.

And how about these? Many of the words wouldn’t even have made sense.

9. How many gigabytes of memory do you have?

10. I purchased a software upgrade.

11. I just googled myself.

12. I bought a computer.



2 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. Funny. My grandmother is 92, and, as she grew up very poor, she’s also very uneducated. That combination of circumstances puts her well outside any understanding of today’s technology. She knows that computers exist, of course, and knows that people use them for a great many things, but beyond that, nothing. So whenever I talk to her about anything stemming from the techno-world, I always just say “the computer”. Someone sent me an email? I got it on the computer. I’m scanning her old photos? I’m putting them on the computer. Google something? I’ll look it up on the computer. She feels like she’s trendy and I don’t have to explain too many things that I probably don’t fully understand myself!

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