6 Reasons to Love the Housefly

Last night they were buzzing around driving me crazy.

“We have got to do something about these flies,” I said to anyone within earshot.

And then I noticed the curtain in the pantry. There had to be a dozen and a half houseflies brazenly relaxing on the curtain.

That’s IT! You’re toast.

Swat! Swat! Squish!

(FYI . . . Killing houseflies on a sheer curtain is quite a challenge, next to impossible really.)

In the process, I learned the window behind said curtain desperately needed cleaning. As I did so, I then noticed the cobwebs and the dust. Sigh! As a Horrible Housekeeper, I’ve learned not to go ballistic over clutter. However, dirt? That’s a totally different story.

So, thanks to the housefly, one thing led to another and last night turned out to be very productive.

Here’s how:

1. I cleaned windows I haven’t cleaned in an embarrassing amount of time.

2. I washed both the pantry and the kitchen sheers.

3. We can once again see through our front door, which is over 50 percent glass. (The flies weren’t even hanging out there.)

4. I enjoyed time out with my hubby, grabbing a coffee – and sticky, non-toxic fly catchers. (I’ve yet to discover if this particular $12 investment was worth it.)

5. I realized I didn’t once resent the fact that no-one else had been simultaneously bitten by the cleaning bug. This may be a first for me. I can clean – and remain an agreeable person to live with. Score!

6. I’m actually looking forward to continuing the process – and no, I do not have a fever.

So, thank you, Mr. Housefly!


12 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Love the Housefly

    1. Thanks, Erin. One of my favourite things is to put a smile on someone’s face.
      I know what you’re saying about #5. In all seriousness, it was one reason I learned to ignore the clutter. My peace of mind and the peace in our home was truly more important than a tidy house. Now, I just may be able to work toward both.

  1. I can relate! Except my problem isn’t house flies—it’s annoying ants. I have got into the habit of wiping EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) down with vinegar every day since the army of ants came marching in last spring. My place always smells like the inside of a salad dressing bottle, but it’s clean…and ant-free.

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