The Procrastination List Revisited

My recent encounter with the common housefly – several of them, to be more precise – has made me think of the other things I’ve put off and why.

And as I’ve mentioned, crossing something off my Procrastination List feels ten times better than crossing ten things off my regular To Do list.

While I’ve cleaned the inside of four long-neglected windows and the inside and outside of the front door, that’s only the beginning. I have several others to do. (I’m counting on my hubby to do the outside windows, all of which require working from a ladder.)

Now that I’ve begun washing window coverings, I should finish the task. And while I’m at it, I’m going to measure some of the windows for new curtains.

The pantry, where this all began, is in need of serious help. The shelf came away from the wall some time ago, creating a huge hole in the plaster. Plus, the carpet needs replacing. And before any of that can happen, I have to clear out the room and dispose of most of the contents. (By the way, the pantry is also a former bedroom, a former home for our now deceased rabbit, and yet another catch-all room.)

Every now and then, I organize the laundry/storage room. It is sadly in need of some serious de-cluttering yet again.

A friend is organizing a fundraising yard sale. What a great opportunity to do some purging and donate to a good cause! I’ll have to get on that.

And then there are those regularly neglected chores that should be on my weekly – or at least, bi-weekly – To Do list:

~ thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms

~ vacuuming the main floor and the stairs to the second floor

~ giving the kitchen a good once-over

While I am sure there are many other things that I could/should be doing, this is a good list to start on. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, what do you neglect that you’d especially like to get off your To Do list?

4 thoughts on “The Procrastination List Revisited

  1. I’ve been putting off setting up and organizing the craft room, as well as completely reorganizing my closet (which is a converted bedroom). I’ve made a dent in the closet recently though… I just need to do more. :sigh:

  2. For me, it’s laundry in general, and my closet in particular. I really hate putting away laundry, but the cluttered mess that is my closet only makes it worse. I’ve set myself a goal to get my closet cleared out before the 20th of next month (when I begin school and likely won’t have time to take on such tasks), but the day draws ever closer, and I’m still waiting for motivation to strike!

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