8 Reasons I’m Not Bummed

I tried on a dress today.

“Oh, my! Is that really my reflection?”

It could have bummed me out, but no, instead, it spurred me on.

Here are eight reasons I’m glad I’m overweight.

1. I know my appearance is not the most important thing, but I can’t neglect it either. If I want to have the energy to do those things that are important to me ~ and lower my health risks, I have to take care of my physical well-being.

2. I’ve finally set a deadline for my weight loss. “One day” is no longer enough. (The number that really matters is the percentage of body fat. If I have to choose between being a healthy 140 pounds or an less healthy 130, I go with the former. Besides, toned muscle looks so much nicer than the alternative, and muscle burns more calories than fat for ongoing positives.)

3. Therefore, I have to workout regularly and include a significant amount of cardio.

4. I also have to eat better. Thankfully, this is something I enjoy once I get into the habit.

5. I have to replace my calorie-rich beverages with water. (I will, however, allow myself a home-brewed specialty coffee each day ~ unless the calorie info proves too scary.)

6. And yes, I will have to restrict my sweet intake. We used to eat dessert only on the weekends. I can do that again.

7. My reflection also made me take an honest look at other things I have been making excuses about ~ and determine to change. (See “No Excuses,” posted earlier today.)

8. All that said, I have to take some time to plan. These things won’t just happen.

A Word to Readers

This is a very personal post. We each have different priorities at any given time in life. This is my time to deal with my weight.

9 thoughts on “8 Reasons I’m Not Bummed

  1. I can certainly relate. For me, a couple of years ago, it wasn’t a reflection but a photo that made me say “enough”. But the past few months, I’ve really been slacking. And in the past few weeks, I’ve put back on a few of the pounds I’ve worked so hard to take off. Like you, I know that I must make changes, and I have been thinking about finalizing my own plan and then putting it in writing (which seems to make it more real somehow). I know that it isn’t easy to change those things, so I wish you the very best. Know at least that you’re not on the journey alone.

  2. I love this! It’s great to have a plan isn’t it? You want to change and are taking the steps in order to do so. Good for you!

    There is nothing wrong with being dissatisfied about your appearance. The hype now-a-days is “love your body, love yourself”, but sometimes you just don’t. That doesn’t mean that you turn into a depressed couch potato.

  3. Good for you! I am currently going through this very same struggle (aren’t we all?!?!) I wish you all the luck and good fortune in the world.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Anita. We just have to remember the most important reasons for looking after our health . . . and not get preoccupied with the number on the scale. As a personal trainer, I’ve looked women in the eye and said, “You will not be more valuable when you lose the weight. Your worth is not inversely proportional to your weight.” Have a wonderful week, Anita. Stop by any time.

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