July 29 ROW Check-in

The month is almost gone. Seriously? How did that happen?


This Week

~ arrange for the pick-up of my son’s computer, which he sold while in Europe I still haven’t heard from the potential buyer.

~ try to arrange a Skype call with my second born; I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before (J seems open to the suggestion. I’ll see how it goes.)

~ take my daughter and her BFF out for lunch and to their fave art supply store on Saturday (Done . . . plus we went to a comic book store and then to the mall for dessert and some window shopping. Fun!)

Next Week

~ arrange dinner out for our 30th anniversary

~ look into a weekend away for hubby and me


The blogging is going well. Being part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge was a good thing.

Blogging regularly keeps me writing and that’s good enough for now ~ especially when I get such encouraging feedback from my readers. It always makes me happy when I can brighten your day.

Research possible e-publishing options for a client and me – Because of our day out on Saturday, it hasn’t happened yet, but I hope to make some solid headway before next Sunday (August 5).


My goal was to complete the first edit of my client’s children’s chapbook by the end of July. The new deadline is Saturday, August 4.

This past week, I did three rush jobs and am awaiting a fourth. Needless to say, it made it necessary to reorganize my other goals.


I’m still debating about this goal. I actually like working for others, so I’m definitely not complaining.


My weekly goal is to read one fiction chapter, one non-fiction chapter, and an article or two in Writers Digest or other skills development resource. I will have the non-fiction chapter read tonight (Saturday) and perhaps the fiction one as well. Skills development? It’s highly likely I will do so after posting this.

All of that said . . . my #1 reading priority for tonight is to review a submission by a young writer. He is awaiting my input and I shouldn’t put him off any longer.


~ do the exercises my trainer gives me five times per week (Tuesday and Thursday ~ check; Saturday ~ perhaps, since the headache pills seem to be doing their job; I also walked for over an hour on Friday with a couple of my friends ~ not really fast enough to be considered cardio.)

– do cardio at least three times before next Sunday (1.5x ~ see above)

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat dessert only on weekends

~ lose at least two pounds between Monday, July 30 and Sunday, August 5 (My ultimate goal is to lose 15-20 pounds. I have to give myself a deadline for this as well. So, that date is October 31. There, I’ve said it!)

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (check)

My advice to me for the week, but you’re free to “listen in” . . .

Decide what’s truly important and stop making excuses as to why you’re not living accordingly.


8 thoughts on “July 29 ROW Check-in

  1. I really like your advice to yourself. My advice to myself this week is to use my time more efficiently!

    You’re really busy, I can see, and you’re doing well with your goals. And you’re a great mom! 🙂

  2. reviveyourcreativity

    Hi Steph, I really like the way you break down your goal process. Having categories for relationships, exercising, and your artistic pursuits is a great way to measure your emphasis on each area of your life. And, it sounds like you’re doing a great job with those goals! Congrats!

  3. caswebb

    we are always re-organising our goals aren’t we? Good luck with the editing, and all of your other goals 🙂

  4. katecopeseeley

    This is a diverse site. Are you a doula? Just curious because of some of your links up top. I can’t believe all the work you have on your plate. Holy cow! I pat myself on the back for writing an hour a day. lol

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, I recently received my labour doula certification from CAPPA Canada. It’s such an amazing thing to witness the arrival of a new wee one . . . while supporting mom and dad, physically and emotionally. I love it! Pop by any time, Kate. Have a great day.

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