No Excuses

These are some of the areas in which I’ve made excuses for too long. I plan to take steps in the right direction during the coming week and beyond.

Social Networking (and Internet Surfing)

I have to learn to walk to tightrope here. Social networking has connected me to many amazing people and opened doors I wouldn’t otherwise have discovered. And yet, like many people, I have to be careful not to spend too many hours darting here, there, and everywhere.

Watch Less TV

This isn’t so hard in the summer, but when the new shows start in the fall, it’ll take more self-discipline.

Read More

It follows that if I watch less television, I will have more time to read.


From thinking to praying, from hoping to dreaming, I do it best on paper ~ or the computer screen. (I also like to “talk it out,” but sometimes that’s asking a lot of my audience . . . well, all except for the praying part.)

Eat Better

Since I’ve given myself a deadline of October 31 for my weight loss goal, I have to get serious.

Exercise More

Buying a gym membership and personal training sessions is helping, but I still have to stop making excuses for not doing more.


For all my fellow Horrible Housekeepers . . . Not to worry. I do want to commit more time to de-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning my home, but I am in no way in danger of losing my HH title.

How about you? What changes do you plan to make this week?


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