7 Motivation-Stealers

I had such big plans for today, but my day off seems to be slipping through my fingers.

And my motivation? It’s slipping away with it.

Here are seven reasons why.

1. I got my days mixed up and headed out to meet a friend 24 hours early. Instead of heading home as soon as I found out about it, I decided to putter around the mall, looking for something special to wear for my 30th wedding anniversary next Tuesday. Yes, I found a really cute little black dress. Yay! But Poof! three hours gone that I could have been editing or cleaning house.

2. I am a morning person. If I feel I haven’t accomplished much by noon, I spend the rest of the day spinning my wheels.

3. Before I headed out, I didn’t grab any breakfast. I know perfectly well that even though I’m not diabetic, keeping my blood sugars regulated makes for a much happier camper.

4. Upon coming home, instead of looking at what needed to be done as an opportunity, I saw it as overwhelming. (Sh, don’t tell, but sometimes it’s not much fun being a horrible housekeeper with too much stuff.)

5. The over-scheduled day that thinned out significantly seemed like such a blessing – until I let the morning get away from me.

6. It seems my mental I-don’t-wanna list has grown to ridiculous proportions.

7. I want to focus, but I don’t want to miss anything either. Therefore, my email and FB accounts are open, calling to me every time someone posts something.

And so, what can I do about it?

1. I can be thankful for social media. There are some pretty funny goings-on over on my FB news feed. Laughter really is good medicine.

2. I plan to make a list of all those things I don’t want to do and at least do one or two of them. Kicking them in the butt is the best remedy. Plus, the more I accomplish, the more I’ll want to accomplish.

3. And speaking of lists, I’m going to write down everything I want to do today, prioritize the list, and try to work through it from the top to the bottom.

4. I just ate, so I won’t be tempted to grab lunch when I go out for coffee this afternoon.

5. I will choose to stop feeling sorry for myself. That voice in my head has no business being there.

6. I have made up my mind to forgo tonight’s monthly get-together. As much as I love spending time with these wonderful ladies, I think I best start digging out from under.

7. I will edit. I will exercise. I will do some long-neglected housework. I will be thankful. I will seek to be a blessing.

How about you? What steals your motivation? And what do you do about it?


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