30 Reasons I Have the Best Husband Ever

August 7, 2012 marked the 30th anniversary of my marriage to my wonderful hubby. I thought it would be appropriate to pay tribute to him. Yes, this is a longer post than my others, but 30 years is a l-o-n-g time.

Here are a fifteen traits I admire greatly.

1. Dave is incredibly hardworking, no matter what the task at hand.

2. His faithfulness extends not only to our personal relationship, but to whatever he commits to.

3. Patient . . . His life has defined the word for me.

4. Diligent . . . While this trait can’t be separated from hard work and faithfulness, it definitely marks Dave’s life.

5. Selfless . . . He gives far more than he takes in every situation, every relationship.

6. Even-tempered . . . and I am so glad about this.

7. What a work ethic!

8. Dave is an active listener.

9. He is incredibly tolerant when it comes to my lack of housekeeping prowess.

10. Though he never complains about the state of our house, he is always appreciative of what I do.

11. He is the most undemanding person I know.

12. While this incorporates several of his traits, I will always be thankful that Dave was so committed to family.

13. My hubby is very talented.

14. Not in a Hollywood way, but he most certainly is heroic.

15. Being a Christian, the fact that Dave is worshipful is very special to me.

Here are some anecdotes from our thirty years of marriage.

16. At one point, Dave was getting up at 2:30 to deliver 200-300 newspapers, coming home to nap, heading out to his 8:00-4:30 job, teaching music students in the evenings, then coming home for supper. You will see his picture in the dictionary under “hardworking.”

17. When a friend of ours was introducing Dave to those gathered at a Christmas social, he commented that Dave faithfully fulfilled his responsibilities as music director, even though the doors have never opened for him to work in this capacity full-time. I can say, with almost 100 percent certainty, that the thought of walking away from ministry never crossed my hubby’s mind.

18. For the first 10 years – yes, a full decade – I didn’t truly appreciate Dave as I should have. One day, he wisely said, “I don’t think you’d like the man you think you want me to be.” Wow! Profound and very true. My attitude was different from that moment on. Thank you, David, for being patient with me for 30 years, especially those first 10.

19. We’ve often heard about the Honey-Do list. That’s one list I don’t have to make. My hubby always sets out to do more around the house than I’d ever ask. Sometimes, because of all his other responsibilities, it takes a while, but things get done. Just this past weekend, he drywalled the second floor landing ceiling. Shucks! Now, where am I going to hang the Christmas decorations? Yes, three sheets of drywall were in the front hall for not one, but two, Christmases. (grin)

20. There are stories upon stories I could relate about Dave’s selflessness, but how about the latest? He does not like driving to the Toronto airport but did so on Monday, on his day off, to pick up our son who was flying in from Germany. I would have gone, but I was awaiting word from an expectant mom that her wee one was on the way. As it turns out, Baby didn’t come until Tuesday, but I didn’t want to be two hours away when I got the call.

21. One day fifteen or so years ago, he came home declaring how much he wanted a new job. Then he stopped himself, apologized, and said he really had to stop being so ornery. I replied, “Yes, you certainly do. You’re disagreeable once ever decade or so and I fly off the handle several times a day.” (FYI . . . He’s still at the same job and pretty much never complains. Thankfully, I am much more even-tempered now.)

22. Even my hubby’s supervisor notices his work ethic. While he isn’t one to offer praise or give compliments freely, he gave a speech at the picnic three years ago that marked Dave’s 25th anniversary. In it, he commented on how Dave was the one you could count on to stick around when a job needed to be done – whether during work hours or beyond.

23. Like many women, I’ve been known to complain about my husband’s lack of communication skills. One day I realized something: What good does it two to have two talkers who never really listen to one another. Dave most definitely qualifies as an active listener. He remembers what I’ve said long after I’ve forgotten it. He’s a keeper. And he does communicate, I just have to “listen” with more than my ears.

24. No matter how tired he is at the end of the day, Dave has no problem fixing his own supper if I haven’t gotten something ready. He’ll even cook for others.

25. The two talents that stand out most predominantly are his musical abilities and his ability to engage with children through puppets and acting. Despite the fact that he is physically tired after his workday, he volunteers as part of the mid-week children’s ministry team at our church. Plus, he takes one week of holidays each summer to help with day camp. His position as Music Director doesn’t just entail two Sunday services. He is responsible for planning, prep, and practice as well.

26. Dave is not only talented musically; he loves to act and do puppets for our children’s programs at church. He participates at our weekly mid-week program, even though he’s always tired after a full workday. And every summer, he takes a week of vacation to help with Backyard Bible Camps. Kudos to him!

27. When asked by his Sunday School teacher who his hero was, my second born answered, “My dad.” That left a lasting impression on his teacher – and on us. Wow!

28. When we were married, we wrote our own vows. Dave promised to love me as Christ loved the Church. (See Ephesians 5:25.) I thought, “Nice sentiment, but how is that possible?” Well, Dave has spent three decades putting my needs and desires before his own. My prayer for our sons is that they would learn from his example. My prayer for our daughter is that she will find a man like her dad.

29. Dave never dated anyone before we started going out. Therefore, I had no reason to be jealous – not of other women, at least. But when it came to the connection Dave felt with God when he was playing organ . . . well, that was another thing. However, as I’ve matured, I’ve come to realize this is one of his most admirable traits. It doesn’t just apply to playing organ – though he still loves to do so. It’s more about music in general.

And the best reason of all . . .

30. He was chosen for me. After high school, I headed to Bible College to get a degree, most definitely not a husband. Not in a cruel, malicious way, but in a she-thinks-she-knows-best-not kind of way, God was laughing at me. He had better plans for my life than I did. And I am forever thankful those plans included my hubby.


9 thoughts on “30 Reasons I Have the Best Husband Ever

  1. Well, Miss Steph. You have quite a hubby. This was a lovely tribute to the good ol’ fella! I wish you many more blessed years together. Happy Day and nice post! x

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