August 8 ROW Check-in

Not moving as slowly theses days . . . Yay!


~ Son #1 safely home from Germany

~ wonderful evening out with my hubby and friends who share our anniversary: same day, same year

~ hoping to do something fun with my daughter this week

~ would like to schedule family dinners at least once or twice a month

~ set up a bi-weekly meeting time with a young friend

~ meeting with a young author this coming Friday


The call came yesterday. Mom and Baby did great. Welcome to the world, Macklin.

FYI . . . Best. Job. Ever!


I would like to blog in some of my other areas of interest, but I’m posting regularly and that’s a good thing.

Research possible e-publishing options for a client and me – I will start the serious search tomorrow, after I finish up the editing project I’m working on.


My goal was to complete the first edit of my client’s children’s chapbook by Saturday, August 4. I was thrilled to get all but one chapter edited on Monday. Today, all things being equal, I will finish my first edit and make significant headway with the final read-through.


My goal is to submit five things by the end of the week.


This is one of those things I want to do more of once I get started. This week’s goal: Get started.


I worked out for an hour and a half on Monday. I plan to do so for at least an hour after work today and then again tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat dessert only on weekends (Revised goal: Eat dessert only twice per week.)

~ be down two pounds by Monday morning (It didn’t happen. I seem stuck, but it will come.)

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (Doing okay, though I would still like to do better.)



4 thoughts on “August 8 ROW Check-in

  1. Wow. Doula-ing. Impressive wingspan! Someday, I’ll have to tell you the saga of my third delivery, but to sum it up, Sharon was the first nurse-midwife delivery ever at a local hospital. I’m working on the subscription part of my new website. Keep in touch.

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