A New Schedule

For the sake of accountability and as a heads-up as to what you can expect to see here in the days ahead, let’s give this a try.

Successful Sunday and Winning Wednesday

A Round of Words in 80 Days check-ins

Monday Musings

It all began with “Free to Soar.” So, Monday posts will include musings on flight.


Since there is no day of the week that begins with “d,” Tuesdays will be Doula Days. (I knew I could get the alliteration in there somehow.)

Being a labour doula is definitely one of the best. jobs. EVER!

Theology Thursday

What am I learning from God’s Word?

You can check out my older posts over at Casual Theology.

Fitness Friday

If you’re new to my blog (and if you are, WELCOME!), you may not know I’m a personal trainer. On Fridays I will share health and fitness tips.

These, too, used to be on a separate site, Tips for Fitness.

Surplus Saturday

~ catch-up day in case I don’t post daily during the previous week

~ monthly book reviews (older ones over at Book Revu)

So, there you have it: my new schedule. Kind of crazy, huh? Maybe I should have called it “Slumbering Saturday” instead.


10 thoughts on “A New Schedule

  1. Sounds like a good plan, Stephanie. Not that it has to become a rigid thing, but I think (especially for list-makers) it’s good to have an outline of where we’re going. This will help readers who are specifically interested in only one or two of your weekly topics, and it’ll help you balance you posts so you’re not leaving some topics out.

  2. Ginger Calem

    Woo, you just filled up your blogging plate. Really looking forward to your blogs. Seeing that we’re both in the fitness field, maybe we could guest blog for each other. I’m a huge list-maker so I totally relate to your organized schedule. Go you!!

      1. Ginger Calem

        Likewise, I’d love to have you as well for one of my WritersButt Wednesday blogs. Let’s chat via email and see if we can cook something up. You can email me at ginger at crossfitgeorgetown.com

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