August 26 ROW Check-In

Seriously, I’m a writer. Why can’t I come up with a catchy intro? Oh, yeah! I’m writing this at 11:23 p.m., I’m tired, and the temperature and humidity are on the rise.

And the cliche of the day: That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


~ went for a walk with my hubby

~ went to our Growth Group picnic with my hubby and our daughter . . . and approximately 25 friends

~ spent a little time chatting with our eldest in person

~ spent a little time chatting with our second born online


~ followed-up with my new client and met her folks on Friday

~ visited a doula client and her family; her two little munchkins are SO CUTE and I had the privilege of being there when they were both born about a year and a half apart


I’d hoped to finish the short story rewrite by the end of last week. It should be done by Monday night, just a little past my self-imposed deadline, still ahead of my promised deadline.


Nothing on the go right now and that’s okay. A breather’s alright every now and then.


I should have the young author’s manuscript read by the end of the week. I finished reading it ahead of schedule. Yay! I just have to assemble my notes. It is a great story with well-developed characters. I look forward to helping him make it the best it can be.


If the lull continues, I might get some stuff ready to submit. I have three guest blogging opportunities in the queue. Maybe I’ll try to do at least one per week.


~ not doing so great at this point; there’s a whole new week before me; I’ll do better

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat better (This past week I blew it. As I said above, it’s a new week with new opportunities to do better.)

~ weekly weigh-ins (My friend is doing super awesome. I maintained my weight and body fat percentage: better than going up.)

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (doin’ okay)

Words of Wisdom

When you can’t think of anything particularly wise to say and you have to get up early in the morning, it’s probably time to schedule your blog post and go to sleep. Goodnight, all!


8 thoughts on “August 26 ROW Check-In

  1. Cate Russell-Cole

    I can’t work in heat and stifling humidity either! It sounds like you’re doing great though. I hope you keep moving forward and that the weather becomes much more comfortable! We’re just coming out of winter here in Australia and it’s such a relief. My energy level has gone up. Now it’s just hard to sit behind the computer and write. I’d rather be in the garden!

    Take care, have a great rest of the week.
    Cheers, Cate (ROW80)

    1. My incredibly sensitive computer mouse made me lose my reply – TWICE. Silly thing.

      So, hopefully, it works this time. 🙂

      First, thank you for popping by and commenting.

      Second, I hope you enjoy your time in the garden when you get there and your time in front of your keyboard as well.

      Have a great week.

      I look forward to our next visit.

  2. It sounds like you’re doing quite well, aside from the eating issues – but who doesn’t have those? Keep up the good work, and pass me a few veggies the next time you have some!

  3. Last week might have been the last real week of summer. That doula side of your life sounds fascinating — and such a metaphor for writing! Labor, push, and celebrate! Hope your week goes well.

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