August 29 ROW Check-In

The last ROW80 post this month . . . can you believe it?

Time to gear up for “the new year.”


~ enjoying just hanging out with my hubby and daughter

~ glad I’m awake to say good-bye to my son when he heads out; he works midnights.

~ plans to hang out with my daughter and some of our friends at a ladies’ pool party on Thursday


~ one more meeting with my doula client before awaiting the call


I’ve bumped the rewrite deadline to Wednesday, but that’s okay. I will still be done before the end of the month. I got word this morning that my client likes all I’ve done to date. That’s always good to hear.


I could have taken on a huge proofreading job but thought it best to leave it to another team member. Sometimes we just have to acknowledge our limits.


I have the idea floating around that I want to get back to reading for pleasure. We’ll see how that goes. I have dozens of books calling my name – loudly.


I look forward to writing the guest posts that have been requested. That should take care of my weekly submissions for September and then I’ll see what kind of schedule I can put together for Round 4.


There’s still plenty of time to do resistance training three times and cardio five times this week.

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat better (I just have to devote a half hour or so to plan out meals each week. Then I wouldn’t look for what’s quickest and easiest at the end of the day.)

~ weekly weigh-ins (I’ll let you know on Sunday how the Thursday weigh-in goes.) 

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (I find I do better if I only commit to once a week. Then I don’t feel like I’m blowing it all the time.)

Are you planning to sign up for Round 4? I know I am.


2 thoughts on “August 29 ROW Check-In

  1. It sounds like you’re very busy this week. Good job with all your accomplishments!

    I will definitely be signing up for Round 4. This next quarter I’m going to need everyone’s support even more, as I’m going to be pushing into (and hopefully through) NaNoWriMo, but I will need to complete my currrent WIP draft, as my NaNo is the sequel to it. Beyond that, though, it’s budget and planning season at my job, which means a lot of extra hours there as well.

    Good luck this week finishing strong!

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