9 Things Fitness is Not

Giving Up Every Food We Love

We’ve heard the saying: Everything in Moderation.

While I was working at the gym, I read that it is good to eat well six days out of every seven.

And who hasn’t heard about the importance of portion control?

If we give up everything that is not particularly nutritious and strive to eat only what is good for us even if we don’t like it, we are probably setting ourselves up for failure.

Being a Size 0

As we eat well and get active, our bodies will find the weight that is best for them. Few of us would be healthy at a Size 0.

Looking Like a Supermodel

Beauty is not an objective concept. I can’t encourage you strongly enough not to fall prey to today’s fleeting definition.

Turning Heads as You Walk Down the Street

Real health and fitness go much deeper than the fleeting ability to attract attention.

Being the Envy of All Your Friends

My goal would be to encourage an active lifestyle by example. I imagine this is true of most of you.

Feeling Confident in a Swimsuit

While this is a great feeling, there are many who do not have “the perfect body” yet are comfortable in a swimsuit, while others you’d imagine would be confident aren’t.

Running a Marathon

This is a great goal, but most of us will never even run a 5K. In fact, some of us will probably never be runners. We must remember, however, that cardio is an important element of getting and staying fit.

The End (rather than the Means)

Some people are competitive athletes. Others are models for fitness magazines. However, for most of us, becoming healthier and more active is better seen as a means to an end. And that end? Living life more fully 24/7.

A Means to Immortality

It seemed to me when I worked at the gym that some members’ lives revolved around exercise. While statistically-speaking, people who are fit live longer, can we really call it living if we’ve become obsessive?

What does fitness mean to you?


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