6 Reasons I Love Being a Doula

As I’ve said before, being a birth doula is a.ma.zing.

Here are six reasons I love it so much:

1.  As I read and researched for my certification, I learned a lot. Learning more and more about pregnancy and childbirth and related topics will, of course, be ongoing.

2. An expectant mom who is seriously considering hiring me would like me to be there to educate not only her about what is going on during labour but her mother and mother-in-law as well. I love sharing what I’ve learned. This sounds like an exciting opportunity.

3. There is no such thing as too much encouragement or too much support. If a mom has a great network of family and friends, it’s a privilege to come alongside them. If she is on her own, it’s an honour to make myself available to her.

4. I’m connected to a great group, CAPPA Canada. I am so looking forward to the conference in October.

5. I’ve also begun to interact, in person and online, with others who seek to make pregnancy and childbirth the best possible experience it can be. I was especially honoured to meet Toni and Alex of One World Birth when they were in Niagara Falls at a conference for midwives. Very cool!

6. Being a doula can be emotionally and physically draining. Being a “woman of a certain age” (grin), it’s especially encouraging to know that I’m physically able to keep going for well over 24 hours. FYI, it is possible to fall asleep standing up. It is, however, important not to do so when you are offering comfort measures to a labouring mom.


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