Revisit the Beginning

So, let’s see how I’ve done on my original goals for Round 3.


My focus will be primarily on getting back on track with my blogging schedule and working with my clients. (This is still not quite on track, but I’m doing better.)


My goal here is to complete my current projects for clients and any others I may take one. I’ll probably try not to overextend myself, being in the church office four days a week and all. (Almost done.)


I still plan to submit two works to paying markets each month. (A friend is going to begin re-posting blog entries I’ve posted under the category “Welcome Baby.” I may get around to writing some original pieces for her as well.)


I kick myself that this has slipped so far down my list of priorities.

During this round, I hope to finish Words from the Fire by Mohler and otherworld by Hatton. I also hope to read/finish two others, one fiction and one non-fiction (skills development). (I’ve set aside Words from the Fire – good book though. I will be done otherworld this Thursday – just in time to meet the author on Friday.)


I joined a gym yesterday. Because I don’t have all the equipment and videos I need at home? Nope. Because I don’t know how to workout properly? Nope. Because I like spending money for what I technically don’t need. It’s not that either.

We’ve all heard it before: When we pay money for something – especially on an ongoing basis, we’re more inclined to use it. That’s one reason.

Another reason is place and purpose. I work from my home office (aka a corner of my dining room). I enjoy recreation with my family at home. I watch TV. I read. Occasionally, when absolutely necessary, I cook and clean. So, there are several other things beckoning if I try to add “workout” to the list. On the other hand, when I go to the gym, I will be there exclusively for the purpose of exercising.

My current plan is to go after work Mondays and Wednesdays and at some point during the day Friday. I would love to go six times per week, but I have to be realistic and start (read “restart”) slowly.

(Because of a free assessment, I learned I have some muscle imbalances and long term issues I was formerly unaware of. I purchased some PT sessions and have been making strides forward. However, regular visits to the gym for cardio have not happened very often. I have to make SMART goals for Round 4, goals I have a reasonably good chance of actually achieving.)

Hope to see you all in Round 4.


17 thoughts on “Revisit the Beginning

  1. Sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress over Round 3. A pat on the back is in order. For the rest… how fortunate that there’s a Round 4!

    Congrats, and see you in the next round!

  2. Lara McGill

    Congrats on making it back to the gym! I know how hard that can be. My membership is on hold, but I think I’m going to make it one of my goals for Round 4. It might be the only way I can get there.

    Maybe we should get other like-minded people and do a mutually supportive gym goal? Are we allowed to do that sort of thing?

      1. Lara

        I don’t mind at all, but I have to confess that I’m really bad about going on FB. I tend to get caught up and forget about other things.

      2. Lara

        Stephanie, I found the ROW80 Group on Facebook, but I didn’t find one called ROW80 Fitness. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but a search didn’t bring it up. Any suggestions?

  3. Great news! I completed the rewrite of the short story I’ve been working on for ages. I will do a final read-through and then try to help the author find a market. It feels good to have gotten to this point. Finding a home for a short story won’t be easy. Any suggestions, my writer friends?

  4. I like the gym check-in idea! It wasn’t part of my goals, but again it would be good to be held accountable for that!
    Well done on Round 3, but as Mike says, good job there is a round 4, as things never seem finished!

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