October 21 ROW Check-In

Looking for a clever opener. Anyone have any ideas? Sigh!

ROW Specific Goals

~ check in twice per week (yepper)

~ visit fellow ROWers sites weekly (Love making new friends and visiting “old” ones.)

Writing Goals

~ blog five to six times per week (October is sewn up with OctPoWriMo. I’ll have to get creative in November . . . or go back to my former schedule. I could do that.)

~ guest blog two to four times per month (This has officially been moved to my Procrastination List.)

Editing Goals

~ complete the new project I just began; by Sunday night, I want to edit a second chapter and read all the materials I’ve been given to date or edit two chapters (I’m leaning toward the latter.) 

Reading Goals

~ read at least one novel (I’ve completed Sandra Orchard’s Deep Cover and plan to finish The Room as well before this round is over.)

~ read at least five blog posts per week (This should be super easy if I keep up my habit of visiting my fellow ROWers.)

~ skills development reading (Revised Goal: I want to read from a novel and a non-fiction book five times per week.)

Submitting Goals

~ getting the Big Job done (I have to devote more time to this. Both the client and I would like to motor through.)

And now for my non writing-related goals . . .

Relationship Goals

~ special time with family each week (simple connections happening)

~ visit and write to MIL each month (I need to get back at my special Sunday Action Plan. Writing notes and letters would certainly be a good addition.)

~ connect with my sister weekly (We’ve done a little back and forth this week.)

Skills Development Goals

~ review notes re: pregnancy and childbirth (I’ve begun to do so.)

~ begin reading for new certification course: Pregnancy Fitness Educator (I’ve made a start.)

~ attend CAPPA Canada conference (I head for Ottawa on Thursday.)

~ finish reading Grammar Girl’s book 

Fitness Goals

~ consistently get to the gym at least twice per week (This might just be close to the top of my PL.)

~ consistently work out at home, at the gym, or at my trainer’s three times per week (I did resistance two or three times this week but very little cardio. I’d like to say it’s because of allergy season, but it has more to do with not scheduling specific times to get up at at ’em.)

~ drink more water (It’s coming, slowly but surely.)

~ eat better (I love delicious homemade food. However, planning the menu, prepping the list, shopping, and actually making the meals are all on my Procrastination List – and I don’t have money to hire a personal chef, so this is an ongoing problem.)

~ regularly connect with fellow ROW80 Fitness peeps over on Facebook; come join us (I’m enjoying hanging out there a little each day.)

Procrastination Goals

~ cross one thing off my procrastination list weekly (I’m definitely doing more than the minimum here, but I would like to up the ante to “one major thing.” That’s going to take a little more planning.)

Financial Goal

~ get further out of debt each month; stick with modified spending fast (This one’s going to be tricky with a mini holiday/conference at the end of October. On the other hand, it should make achieving the goal in November much easier. Always the optimist!)

You can connect with other ROWers on Twitter at #ROW80 or on the Facebook ROW80 group.


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