October 24 ROW Check-In

Kudos to my writing friends for pursuing the dream. Remember, it’s okay if that dream is publication, but if it’s simply to write to work things out in your own mind or to entertain and educate a small group of readers, that’s okay too.

Me, I’m all about relationships. Sure, when a friend asked to use my book review as her foreword, I was thrilled. When I see quotes I’ve written on the back of books, it brings a smile to my face. And knowing my name is scheduled to appear on a book cover next fall is surreal – in a good way.

However, for me, it’s all about the human component. The connections I make because of something I’ve written are what make me giddy.

How about you? What motivates you to write? What is your biggest writing dream?

And here’s how things are going so far this week . . .

ROW Specific Goals

~ check in twice per week (The linky wouldn’t work for me this past Sunday. Oh, well!)

~ visit fellow ROWers sites weekly (This will have to wait ’til next Sunday since I’m heading out of town on Thursday and have to get ready.)

Writing Goals

~ blog five to six times per week (So far, so good.)

~ guest blog two to four times per month (I’m going to work toward catching up on my promised posts after I come back from the conference – to the tune of two per week.)

Editing Goals

~ complete the new project I just began(My plan is to have Chapter 3 edited and fired off before I leave Thursday a.m. I’m in good shape to do so.)

Reading Goals

~ read at least one novel (Make that two. I’ve begun Catherine West’s Hidden in the Heart, and I’m loving it.)

~ read at least five blog posts per week (Doin’ okay with this one.)

~ skills development reading five times per week starting Sun., Oct. 28

Submitting Goals

~ getting the Big Job done

And now for my non writing-related goals . . .

Relationship Goals

~ special time with family each week (I’m looking forward to combining the conference with a mini holiday with my hubby.)

~ visit and write to MIL each month (Maybe I’ll drop her a postcard from Ottawa. Time to go old school. We have a very full November planned, but we have to make visiting a priority.)

~ connect with my sister weekly (We sorta kinda caught up via email this week.)

Skills Development Goals

~ review notes re: pregnancy and childbirth (I’ve done a little.)

~ begin reading for new certification course: Pregnancy Fitness Educator (I’m sure I’ll be super pumped after the conference.)

~ attend CAPPA Canada conference (quite a bit to do before I leave)

~ finish reading Grammar Girl’s book (This one is definitely going to be bumped to Round 1 of 2013.)

Fitness Goals

~ consistently get to the gym at least twice per week (November is just around the corner and with it, a brand new start.)

~ consistently work out at home, at the gym, or at my trainer’s three times per week (Hm, I wonder what the exercise room at the hotel is like?)

~ drink more water (You mean that clear stuff that comes from the tap?)

~ eat better (I’ve won some victories and experienced some defeats, but tomorrow’s another day. Profound, huh?)

~ regularly connect with fellow ROW80 Fitness peeps over on Facebook; come join us (What a great bunch!)

Procrastination Goals

~ cross one thing off my procrastination list weekly (exploding casserole dish = clean the stove top ’til it sparkles . . . it’s a long story)

You can connect with other ROWers on Twitter at #ROW80 or on the Facebook ROW80 group.


8 thoughts on “October 24 ROW Check-In

  1. It is compulsion for me to write. It makes me feel good. Like Ryan, I get grumpy if I don’t do it. Bottling creativity and not doing things about it, makes me super cranky. I seek this as my professional field because I want to do something I love.

    Have fun at your conference. Keep up doing well with your goals. 🙂

  2. Heather

    It is all about expression – like Ryan and Gloria. Don’t think I get grumpy, but when a quiet time to do so eludes me then it bugs.

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