OctPoWriMo Poem #31: Forward! Ho!

The poems are written

That job’s done

Played some catch-up

Had some fun

But now it’s time to say goodbye

To spread my wings

And boldly fly

For new ideas float along

I must be brave

I must be strong

For now my poet’s brain can rest

And children’s stories

I’ll suggest

I’ll turn my mind to childlike dreams

To joy and laughter

Fun and schemes

I’ll grab ideas, watch them grow

Develop them

And let you know

All my fellow poets, “Cheers!”

There were some smiles

There were some tears

And to the children’s authors now

Let’s get going

Forward! Ho!


8 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo Poem #31: Forward! Ho!

  1. I’m impressed! Congratulations on reaching your goal. Although I may not have commented on each one, just know I read and enjoyed them all. Who knows perhaps you could compile a book of poetry. I know, another thing to add to your humongous list. 🙂 And now on to the next project I see!

  2. Now you say your inner poet can rest, but are you sure you’re not saying that in jest?
    For once the poems have been able to flow, you’ll continue writing – don’t you know?
    But if you think you can stop by all means do, but I doubt you will – between me and you.

    hehe. Good job this month!

    1. It was a fun month. All the poems aren’t winners, mind you – except in the sense that they helped me achieve my goal. And I do kinda like a few of them. It was nice to stretch my poet brain for a while. All the best with your endeavours. Visit again soon.

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