6 Ways to Know It’s Time to Silence Your Horrible Housekeeper

This morning I spent about three hours doing – gasp! – housework. Don’t be too impressed. The persnickety types would never know it, but I do. Yay!

And how can a horrible housekeeper know she should let the bound and gagged inner maid out for a bit? Here are half a dozen tests:

1. There’s no more room in the laundry hamper for the dirty clothes. And let’s not even talk about towels and bedding.

2. You hand guests a shovel when they arrive so they can clear a path to the living room.

3. You pray no-one has to asks the facilities while visiting.

4. Your offspring says, amidst the flying dust, “It’s a good thing my asthma isn’t serious.” (True story.)

5. You think you might need to hire a therapist if you neglect your surroundings any longer.

6. The city worker is on your front porch – carrying a CONDEMNED sign.

I just may have to schedule time each week that I can devote to housecleaning. Sh, don’t tell, but there is a real sense of satisfaction knowing at least a tiny corner of your dwelling is in order.

Take that, Procrastination List!


4 thoughts on “6 Ways to Know It’s Time to Silence Your Horrible Housekeeper

    1. I’ve decided Fridays are going to be MY day. I hope that doesn’t sound selfish. Since it’s my “day off,” I’m going to stay home to clean, read, study, write, and maybe even sleep in – not necessarily in that order. 🙂

  1. Here’s my plan for housekeeping. I have asked my mom to move in with me – she is elderly and having some medical issues and shouldn’t live alone any more. Over the last few months, she has been talking about getting a housekeeper. I told her to get one now and then when she moves in with me, her housekeeper can come clean for me. What a plan, huh?

    And yes, my son has pulled the asthma card on me too. Thank you very much to my first born.

    Just this past week, I started getting Fridays off from my day job. Yeah! I have dedicated Fridays to writing with the plan to clean house on Sundays. So far that has not been working so well.

    1. Having your mom move in and bring her housekeeper with her . . . a good idea if you ask me.
      My Sundays are wrapped up with church and a little puttering around in the afternoon. Fridays are a better cleaning day for me. Even if I devote half a day, I’ll make some serious headway.
      All the best and thanks for stopping by, Chris.

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