November 4 ROW Check-In


ROW Specific Goals

~ check in twice per week (check)

~ visit fellow ROWers sites weekly (yepper)

Writing Goals

~ finish a booklet I’m writing for a client; I only have one chapter to go (The plan is to have it complete before next Sunday’s check-in, maybe even Wednesday’s, but we’ll see.)

~ blog five to six times per week (It will take some discipline now that OctPoWriMo is over, but last week was a success.)

~ guest blog two to four times per month (I wrote two guest posts yesterday. Woo hoo!)

~ come up with 30 ideas for picture books (PiBoIdMo) (I’ve come up with four new ideas and reviewed last year’s list. Five of those ideas I want to develop in the coming year. Another five are on the Maybe List.)

Editing Goals

~ complete the new project I just began (Chapter 4 – edited and then revised with client’s input; Chapter 5 – to be done this week; maybe Chapter 6, too)

~ make significant headway on a new project I’ve taken on

Reading Goals

~ read at least two novels (I’m puttering away on Hidden in the Heart by Catherine West. I’m all about relationships. If I care about the characters, the author has me until the end. This book definitely qualifies – and I like the story and the writing too. Bonus!)

~ read at least five blog posts per week (So far, so good.)

~ skills development reading five times per week starting Sun., Oct. 28 (I think I’ll change this to three times per week, more doable.)

Submitting Goals

~ get the Big Job done 

~ two to four guest posts per month (We’ll count the ones I submitted this week as September’s goal accomplished. I should be caught up by the end of November.)

~ two or three submissions to paying markets by the end of the year

And now for my non writing-related goals . . .

Relationship Goals

~ special time with family each week (immediate family – check)

~ visit and write to MIL each month (I actually put a postcard in the mail yesterday. Yay! We plan to visit next Saturday, last time before our Christmas visit. Craziness!)

~ connect with my sister weekly (check)

~ email my bro monthly

~ get in touch with nieces and nephews quarterly

Skills Development Goals

~ review notes re: pregnancy and childbirth

~ begin reading for new certification course: Pregnancy Fitness Educator (It took me the full two years to get my last certification. My goal is to earn this one within the year.)

~ finish reading Grammar Girl’s book (Although I won’t finish it by the end of the round, I intend to review and study the book weekly.)

Fitness Goals

~ consistently get to the gym at least twice per week (good intentions – check; however, “my” treadmill is still missing me)

~ consistently work out at home, at the gym, or at my trainer’s three times per week (Nothing significant to report except that next week WILL be better.)

~ drink more water (Now I have an H2O accountability partner.)

~ eat better (I need to get into the habit again. I like nutritious food. It’s more a matter of discipline. The more I eat well, the more I’ll want to.)

~ regularly connect with fellow ROW80 Fitness peeps over on Facebook; come join us (I’m cutting back on my FB time, but I will still check-in with my groups regularly.)

Procrastination Goals

~ cross one thing off my procrastination list weekly (caught up on laundry and organized storage room)

You can connect with other ROWers on Twitter at #ROW80 or on the Facebook ROW80 group.


12 thoughts on “November 4 ROW Check-In

  1. Wow! You’re doing fabulous with ROW80 this round! Like you, I struggle finding time to exercise and drinking enough water, but you are an inspiration with the writing and reading goals. I love Grammar Girl; I hope the book is good. I agree completely with you about characters driving a book for me. If I have at least one character I can relate to or root for, I’m there. Almost every book I put down, it’s because I didn’t care what happened to the characters.

    Best wishes for another stellar week!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to visit and comment, Julie. It – and you – are much appreciated. I’ve even said I can excuse some less-than-stellar writing if I care about the characters in a book. Once they become real to me, I’ve gotta keep reading. Hope you have a great week. TTFN

  2. Fitness and eating goals are always pretty hard to keep a hold of. I ate badly this past week, myself. I am reining it in starting today and returning to my normal exercise as well (weather issues made me seek alternative forms). You are doing great with the other goals, so I’ll just wish you extra luck with these. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’ve got soooo many goals and you’re keeping up on them so well! I’m really impressed and a little inspired to do better on my own goals. Thanks!

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