November 14 ROW Check-In

Only one and a half months until 2013. Excuse me, but where did the time go?

ROW Specific Goals

~ check in twice per week (check)

~ visit fellow ROWers sites weekly (Yepper. In fact, I’m going to do some more of that today.)

Writing Goals

~ finish a booklet I’m writing for a client; I only have one chapter to go (Done – unless she wants any rewrites. Yay!)

~ blog five times per week including check-ins (This makes the third post. I think I’m actually going to hit the target this week.)

~ write between seven and fourteen guest posts by the end of the year (I’ve made a good start to one. I hope to finish it and maybe even write another today.)

~ come up with 30 ideas for picture books (PiBoIdMo(My fave way to come up with a new idea is to latch onto a phrase that would make a good title. That happened again this morning. I love it!)

Editing Goals

~ complete the new project I just began (I will be going over, with him, the changes my client wants in Chapter 5 sometime this week. I also hope to make a big dent in Chapter 6 – maybe even finish a first edit.)

~ make significant headway on a new project I’ve taken on after I’ve received confirmation from the client (still waiting to hear back from the client)

Reading Goals

~ read at least two novels (It may take until the end of the year to read the second novel, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.)

~ read at least five blog posts per week (motoring along)

~ skills development reading three times per week; down from five but much more achievable (Grammar Girl; pregnancy and childbirth; fitness) (hope to get some done today – in at least one area)

Submitting Goals

~ get the Big Job done (about halfway there)

(see guest post plans under Writing Goals)

~ two or three submissions to paying markets by the end of the year (I have all the tools . . . now to get building the house – or contracting it out.)

~ connect with other writers and authors on Submission Blitz, my new FB group

And now for my non writing-related goals . . .

Relationship Goals

~ special time with family each week (Son #2 has a fantabulous microphone for his computer. We Skyped this week for the first time. It was almost as good as sitting down visiting with him. So cool!)

~ visit and write to MIL each month (November’s goals – achieved)

~ connect with my sister weekly (Gotta do that this week.)

~ email my bro monthly

~ get in touch with nieces and nephews quarterly (At least they’re too busy to be sitting around wondering, “What’s up with Auntie?”)

Skills Development Goals

~ review notes re: pregnancy and childbirth 

~ begin reading for new certification course: Pregnancy Fitness Educator (I plan to do some today.)

~ study Grammar Girl book (today or tomorrow)

Fitness Goals

~ a dozen visits to the gym by the end of the year; more would be nice, but it’s not likely gonna happen (This is one of those things that I will really enjoy once I make it a habit. So far, it isn’t one.)

~ consistently work out at home, at the gym, or at my trainer’s three times per week (great workout with my trainer yesterday – followed by wise snack choices at my first Christmas party of the year :D)

~ drink more water (There are two bottles sitting on my desk calling to me.)

~ eat better (It’s coming. It’s actually coming.)

~ regularly connect with fellow ROW80 Fitness peeps over on Facebook; come join us (What a great opportunity to cheer one another on!)

Procrastination Goals

~ cross one thing off my procrastination list weekly (This Friday’s project: the kitchen; trust me, that’s more of a job than it sounds like.)

You can connect with other ROWers on Twitter at #ROW80 or on the Facebook ROW80 group.


8 thoughts on “November 14 ROW Check-In

  1. Mary was commenting today that July and August felt really slow, and this month feels like it’s going warp speed. Maybe because Thanksgiving is so early this year. Whatever. You had a great week!

    1. It was nice; don’t get me wrong, but July and August were relaxing. I started a new job, but it’s much quieter in the summer, so it was a great chance to get my feet wet.

      Come September, things go into high gear around the church. (I’m filling in for our administrator while she’s on mat leave.) Then came the freelance work . . . and I decided to take another distance course.

      Just call me “crazy.” 😀

  2. Cate Russell-Cole

    Kitchens are always a big job! Dirt hides in strange places. I swear, it’s a conspiracy. 😉

    You are doing a great job Steph. Keep the momentum up and may your clients be in an excellent mood and communicate in a timely manner. (I hate waiting for client calls.)

    Best wishes.

    1. This particular client is very good about calling when he says he’s going to . . . a big plus.

      Crazy as it sounds, I actually look forward to tackling the kitchen. I will have so much more room in my cupboard once I get rid of what I’m not using.

      Have a great day, Cate. And thanks much for stopping by.

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