November 21 ROW Check-In

ROW Specific Goals

I’m doing pretty well with these goals.

Writing Goals

I have to find more time to write posts for SNEI and for other blogs as well.

I won’t be doing much other writing before the end of the year.

Editing Goals

The Big Project and the picture book are coming along.

I’m chatting with a potential client on Friday. I look forward to it.

Reading Goals

I got two new book in the mail today – three if you count Are You My Mother? – and look forward to reading them. One’s a novel. The other will be great for my Pregnancy Fitness Educator certification.

There are so many books I want to/need to read. One day . . .

Submitting Goals

You’ll definitely hear me hoot and holler when I put some work “out there.” It’ll happen. Really it will.

Come connect with the Submission Blitz group over on Facebook.

And now for my non writing-related goals . . .

Relationship Goals

I’m enjoying time with my hubby and looking forward to going to a movie with our daughter on Thursday.

I met a man from Alberta who is on the board of the remote school Son #2 graduated from in Saskatchewan. (Joshua still lives in a place on campus.) Dan was visiting people he knows in Ontario and stopped by my workplace to visit one of our pastors, someone he hadn’t seen in 32 years. We got to chatting and I discovered he knew my kiddo. Joshua doesn’t seem so far away. It made this mother’s heart very happy. “It’s a small world after all.”

I like our quips as Son #1 heads out to work in the evening and returns in the morning while I’m on my way out the door.

Skills Development Goals

I don’t know how much I’ll get done before the end of the year, but I plan to plug away.

Fitness Goals

I had a great workout with my trainer on Tuesday. I’m moving beyond rehab/discovery workouts to strength building, “real” workouts. It’s great that she knows I’m ready. (Until she knew what I could do and because of muscle imbalances, Lyn treated me like a client with a back injury when we started.)

If you want to talk fitness, join us at ROW80 Fitness.

Procrastination Goals

The main floor is looking pretty good. With a little help from my family, I just may be able to keep it looking presentable.

There are, of course, other things on my Procrastination List. However, getting the house in order makes me feel like I can actually get them accomplished. Horrible housekeeping is definitely the longest standing item on the list.

You can connect with other ROWers on Twitter at #ROW80 or on the Facebook ROW80 group


Thought for Today

I’m reading through the Bible and pinpointing the commands. Matthew 5:16 challenges readers to examine not only what they do but why. In the English Standard Version, it says, “. . . let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

I know anything I accomplish that’s worth doing – from cleaning my house to exercising to coming home after my office job and editing a client’s manuscript – is because of God’s work in me. I know myself too well. My natural tendency would be to plop in front of the TV and tell myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“To God be the glory; great things He has done.”


5 thoughts on “November 21 ROW Check-In

  1. I love reading about all your disparate doings. You seem to be moving along nicely. Hometending has been my biggest struggle, too. It’s getting easier, on several levels, just now.

    i hope you enjoy your new reading material…I am stacking books up for the post-November lull I know will await me after all this busyness. Likely there will be some flumping in front of the TV, and quality time with my new Kindle… =D

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