Last Check-In of Round 4

Christmas Banner

Goals for the rest of 2012 . . .

Seasonal Goals

~ finish shopping and wrapping the Christmas presents (Shopping is on tonight’s agenda.)

~ write the rest of the Christmas cards (Any I have to mail will be late. Let’s call them “New Year’s cards.”)

~ deliver the gifts for people nearby; mail the others (all but one present mailed; some yet to be delivered)

And yes, last night I did agree to play the biggest part in the Christmas Eve skit. May I introduce myself. I am Susan, the harried proprietor of the Bethlehem Bed and Breakfast. Can you say “memorization blitz”?

ROW Specific Goals

I’ve got to stop by and visit more of you in the next little while. (I will pop by during the holidays. )

Writing Goals

~ one to three blog posts per week beyond ROW check-ins (possibly)

~ two guest posts (still doable)

~ Monday Motivation posts for Christian Editing Services (I must get a couple written ahead this week.)

~ submissions to Chicken Soup . . . The plan is to get one written by the end of December and another written by the end of January, if not before. (Sure, I can still do this. After all, it’s only the 19th.)

Editing Goals

~ add even more content to Chapter 10 (It’s on today’s Action Plan.)

Reading Goals

Simply put, my goals are as follows: Read the Bible daily and devote at least three hours per week to reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. It’s hit and miss.

I want to finish reading and review Finding Esta(I hope to get a couple of chapters read today.)

Submitting Goals

See writing goals above.

I also plan to submit one picture book manuscript to a publisher or agent. (I have a list of agents who handle children’s books, so I’m on my way.)

Come connect with the Submission Blitz group over on Facebook.

And now for my non writing-related goals . . .

Relationship Goals

I just want to be the best wife, mother, friend, etc. I can be . . . and that’s a lifelong process. (It will be nice to hang out with friends and family over the holidays.)

Skills Development Goals

Again this coming week, I want to focus on developing the routine for the prenatal fitness class I will be leading in the New Year. (I’ve come up with a routine. I will tweak it a little and add music and then practice practice, practice.)

Fitness Goals

I plan to put together the routine and practice. (See above.)

increased exercise + eating better (even during the holiday season) = a little weight loss (I hope)

I won’t be seeing my trainer again until January 17. I best stay focused.

If you want to talk fitness, join us at ROW80 Fitness.

Procrastination Goals

~ finish shopping

~ deliver presents

~ tidy up a little (incl. vacuuming)

~ prep dessert for Tuesday (I got off easy.)

You can connect with other ROWers on Twitter at #ROW80 or on the Facebook ROW80 group

Wishing you all . . .

A Most Blessed Christmas



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