A Brand New Beginning

Thank you to Marcy Kennedy for introducing me to A Round of Words in 80 Days.

If you write – or if you’ve always wanted to – why not pop by and sign up. I love the encouragement and the friendships that form through our interactions.

And here it is, my first list of goals for the New Year:

Freelance Goals

~ complete co-writing manuscript with Client #1 (possibly by the end of Round 1)

~ work with Client #2 to bring her novel from idea to submittable manuscript (This will likely take the whole year.)

Writing Goals (this round)

~ blog six times per week including ROW check-ins

~ write at least one paper for my certification course

~ write two guest posts per month

~ polish a picture book manuscript every other month

~ write a short piece for a paying market on the alternating months

Submission Goals (ongoing)

~ guest posts

~ picture book manuscript(s)

~ short piece(s)

ROW-Specific Goals

~ visit many of you at least once per week

~ pop by regularly to the ROW FB pages

Fitness Goals

~ practice routine for the class I’ll be leading

~ do more cardio

~ visit the gym two to three times a week

~ visit my trainer once per week until I’m done my sessions

~ eat better

~ drink more water

~ eat dessert only on the weekend, if at all

That’s it for now, short and sweet.

If you’d like to chat between check-ins, pop by the Facebook group. And if fitness goals made the list for 2013, we’d love to have you over at the ROW80 Fitness group.


7 thoughts on “A Brand New Beginning

  1. I loved doing Row80 the last round. I met a lot of fabulous people. Sounds like you have some great goals, I look forward to seeing how you progress.

  2. Yes, great goals! This is my first time doing ROW80 as well. I’m a freelancer as well (writing travel) and I know it can be a challenge to get in the words for your own project while working on other (much-needed) assignments. Good luck with your goals!

    1. I did the no desserts except on weekends thing for the longest time when my kids were growing up. However, like regular exercise, once I fall of the wagon, it seems to take forever to get back on board. Here’s to trying! (And thanks so much for stopping by.)

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