Top 10 Ways to Know You Use Your Smartphone Too Much

Smart Phone Pic

10. The word “port” no longer brings to mind a scenic mental picture of boats, fishermen, and water.

9. You’re busy with your computer, your new GPS, and your phone – all at the same time.

8. You use nearly a gigabyte of data the first day, thinking you’re on Wi-Fi, but you’re not.

7. You wake up and say, “Hey, I don’t even have to get out of bed to check Facebook.”

6. You go for days doing everything on your phone – except making a call.

5. When you actually receive a call, you can’t figure out how to answer it, but you’ll always know if you need an umbrella. After all, you have The Weather Network app.

4. You’re worried that you’ll miss an important call – the reason you bought the phone in the first place – because it has to recharge every day or two.

3. Your virtual bookshelves are now bulging with magazines you’ll never have time to read as well as the dozens of books you hope don’t disappear before you have the chance to read them.

2. The picto password won’t help. Thieves could just hold the phone at a certain angle and see the design made by your finger.

1. You get pins and needles in the hand you use to hold your phone because you haven’t moved it in so long.


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