12 Reasons I Need a List

1. I wouldn’t have the satisfaction of crossing off things as I accomplish them.

2. I would forget to meet people. Even with my list, I have been known to do this. It does help to put the appointment on the right day though.

3. I would too often forget to be in the right place at the right time. Note to self: Write enough details to remember Who? What? When? Where? and Why? (I forgot the “who” portion once. I knew where I was going and when but had no idea who I was meeting for supper. D’uh!)

4. And in a similar vein, I would forget pretty much everyone’s birthday, at least the people who aren’t on Facebook. I love the daily reminder on the right hand column of my news feed. I used to be so good about keeping up with birthdays and anniversaries. Maybe 2013 is a good year to try to do better again.

5. Too many friends and family members would drop off the radar. It isn’t because they’re not important. It’s just because I flit here and there and too much time would pass before I realized what was happening. My lists don’t prevent it 100 percent, but they do help.

6. I find lists are sanity savers. I don’t have to worry about forgetting something particularly important if I include it on a centrally-located list. Those scraps of paper – not the best idea, however.

7. I’ve been a dump-it-on-paper-and-forget-it-until-later type for a long time. If forgetfulness becomes age-related, I probably won’t notice. Score!

8. Without the list of exercises (and some detailed explanations of said exercises), I wouldn’t remember my personal routine – or the routine I’ll soon be teaching.

9. Those books I want to read and websites I want to visit would go ignored – some of them indefinitely.

10. My pastors would be asking regularly, “Did you get such and such done?” And the answer would be “Oops! I forgot.”

11. I would have to replace the phrase “eclectically-interested” with “scattered” when asked to describe myself.

12. I would have had to come up with a different idea for today’s post.

And you thought I was organized. Pshaw!

How about you? Do you live by your list?


2 thoughts on “12 Reasons I Need a List

  1. Heather

    What would we do without our list/s. 🙂 Good idea – a centrally located list, but would it fit in my purse? Like eye glasses, perhaps a list in every room. Perhaps a list for every topic. nah, too confusing. haha

    Where is that list? “No, not yesterday’s, today’s. 🙂 Love my lists.

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