10 Dumb Things Wealthy People Say

Bag of Money Pic

Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to read today’s post, but I’m actually writing to myself. And when I refer to “wealthy people,” I’m referring to myself because 1) I woke up with a roof over my head, 2) I had clothes to put on, 3) I had food in my fridge, freezer, and cupboard, 4) I had a car to climb into, and 5) I could drive said car to work. Those things alone make me richer than 99 – yes 99 – percent of the world’s population.

So, onto those dumb things wealthy people (aka me) say . . .

1. But I don’t want leftovers for lunch.

2. Do I really have to take an hour each week to go through cookbooks and prep a shopping list so we can eat healthy?

3. It’s such a hassle to unload all these groceries from my car.

4. But I don’t have any room for guests in my 1600-square foot home.

5. Seriously, there’s interference on the satellite TV again?

6. What do you mean I have to wait 15 seconds for my computer to perform that function?

7. My smartphone with unlimited talk, text, and data has to be charged every couple of days. Sigh!

8. My house – filled with excess stuff and loving family members – is such a mess.

9. But I don’t want to clean and tidy; I’d rather plop in front of the TV for the evening.

10. It’s so cold . . . as I walk from my warm car to my warm home wearing a gloriously warm winter coat. Yeah, right!

I think I need to reign in my dumb words and my dumb thoughts.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled reading of SNEI. 


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