App Review #1

Cell Phone Pic

Now that I’ve gotten rid of my dinosaur phone, a whole new world has opened up: The World of Apps. And with that, I have a virtually endless list of topics for my blog posts. It’s time to start reviewing said apps.

Today’s review . . . 101 Pregnancy Safety Tips (free)

As a labour doula, I was blown away by how many pregnancy and childbirth apps are available, and although there are several new icons on my screen, I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface.

I already have two novels on the go, so I thought reading a booklet would be a good place to start. (I have a tendency to start reading whatever is “new and shiny.” If you saw my bookshelves – physical and virtual – you’d realize how crazy that is.)

Back to . . . Safety Tips:

This app includes several helpful tips, each only one screen in length. It covers a wide variety of topics, from the first signs of pregnancy to when to tell people you’re expecting, from safety in the workplace to exercise info. Most of the information I knew but not all. I think this app would be good, especially for woman expecting their first child.

I don’t know exactly how many tips there are, but it certainly isn’t 101. There is a lot of repetition. As a study tool, I found it helpful to read and re-read the tips. However, it’s tough to know when you’re actually at the end.

All in all, I’d probably give it a 3/3.5 out of 5. It’s definitely worth checking out. (Onto the next shiny, new app.)


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