Sunday ROW Check-In Poem

It’s Sunday and again it’s time

To talk about my goals in rhyme

From editing to writing and

Lots of other things at hand

From exercise and eating right

To staying up into the night

But hey, that’s not a goal of mine

It’s that darn thing that we call time

It always seems in short supply

And I suppose that I know why

It’s ‘cuz I sit and watch TV

When maybe that just shouldn’t be

It’s not too bad a little while

For family time and lots of smiles

But my computer sits and calls

Not to mention workout balls

So, I guess it’s time to think

What should float and what should sink

What goals to scratch, what goals to keep

But for now, it’s time to sleep . . .

Sleeping Smiley 2


7 thoughts on “Sunday ROW Check-In Poem

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