Visual ROW Check-In

2 books books to read

and plans to make

computer graphic

write and edit

catch mistakes

cleaning tools

clean and toss

and make things shine

TV and remote

watch TV

with daughter mine

basic file folder

file and type

and study too

busy woman

there’s so much

that I should do

Thanks to WPClipart for these images.




4 thoughts on “Visual ROW Check-In

    1. Thanks so much, Cate. I thought I should make them fun this time round. Mind you, I think Wednesday’s check-in will be a re-evaluation of my original goals for this round, but that’s okay. Variety . . . as they say.

      1. Cate Russell-Cole

        You had me writing poetry last night – not so sure that was such a good idea. 😉 It’s on my FB log in. More nervous about the feedback than I would like to admit.

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