In the Thick of Things

These writing prompts first appeared last week over on Monday Motivation.

Joshua has been home for a week and will be flying out on Friday (insert frowny face here). (He flew back last Friday, and yes, I did shed a few tears on my way home from the airport.)

(This was posted in “the middle” of his visit and Joshua is my middle child. Therefore, it got me thinking about middles.)

Middles can be hard. In a story, you have to keep the reader flipping those pages. Plus, you don’t want to head off on the proverbial bunny trails.

1. This might take some serious brain power, but think of a book or movie that “lost you” in the middle. Analyze it carefully. In your opinion, what did the writer do wrong?

2. Rewrite a particularly distracting/boring/unnecessary scene in a way that would hold your attention more effectively.

3. How do your favorite writers keep you turning those pages?  Write down as detailed a list as possible.

4. Write three scenes: a gripping opening, a Wow! ending, and a compelling middle.

5. Open a novel you’ve never read before. Read the first two chapters. With no more info, write your own version of a third chapter.

Carrying Stack of Books Pic

Have you read a book with a particularly compelling middle? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Not that my To Read list needs to be longer . . .


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