10 Reasons You Need a List

Lists . . . I love them.

Here are a dozen reasons you should too.

1. You will have a target to aim for.

2. You will gain a sense of accomplishment as you cross each item off the list.

3. You will be able to prioritize, realizing some items are truly important while others are only masquerading as such.

4. You will come to realize just what a reasonable, obtainable list looks like.

5. You can intersperse time-consuming tasks with those you can achieve in short order, thus increasing your sense of accomplishment.

6. So obvious I didn’t think about it until now . . . You will remember to do things you need/want to do.

7. You don’t have to fret that you will forget something if it’s on your list – and if you remember to check said list regularly.

8. While some people feel they’ve broken a promise to themselves if they don’t accomplish everything on their list, I’m fine with copying undone items to the next day. Knowing in which category you fit will help you know yourself better.

9. As we are learning about ourselves, if we’re honest, we’ll see if we can complete all the tasks we put on our list. If we’re too easy on ourselves, we won’t accomplish all we can. If we’re too hard on ourselves, we may simply throw up our hands and give up. (I’m prone to Option 2, though I’m not proud to admit it.) Balance . . . not always easy but always necessary.

10. If you have a life verse, you can measure your goals against it. Perhaps some of your goals need to be set aside and others taken up.

I have two passages that count as life verses. The first is Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (ESV).” I don’t have to worry about life’s needs. God will take care of those as I seek Him.

The second verse is a challenge. Luke 12:48 in the ESV reads “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required . . .” Whether of my resources or understanding, the more I have, the more is required of me.


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