Lessons from a Lizard

As promised, today I will tell you about our newest family member.

Cartoon Lizard

Our little guy is about two or three inches long and pink. He is a juvenile fancy leopard gecko (not exactly as shown).

He belongs to my daughter and my hubby, but I’ve fallen for him. “How?” you’re probably asking. Well . . .

He’s small. Barring bacteria, viruses, and bedbugs, most small creatures are cute – even, as is the case with this little guy – if they’re also ugly.

He lives in a massive terrarium in our living room, right beside where I usually plop to watch TV.

So, besides the cute factor, what have I learned from Ryuga? (My daughter named him after an Anime character.)

1. We all take time to adjust to new surroundings. He was not particularly thrilled with his new home at first, but Ryuga was fine within a couple of days. Most of us stress over unfamiliar situations, no surprise there.

2. Sometimes we try to hide where no-one will see us. There is a tiny space behind the heating rock. He was tucked in so snugly I thought he might have died, but nope, he was just seeking a secure spot to hang out. While that’s OK for a lizard, we have to face the things that make us uncomfortable – most often, head-on.

3. Ryuga is just a lizard – and a young one at that. He sleeps most of the day, travels between his cave and his favourite spot under the driftwood, and presumably eats the crickets my hubby puts in the terrarium each night. Yet, my daughter is delighted with him and both Dave and I have grown oddly attached. There are times our purpose in life is far greater than we imagine.

And the lesson that inspired this post . . .

4. Trust can be learned. Two nights ago, I glanced in the tank and found him sleeping under a piece of driftwood – right out in the open. I was sitting less than a foot away watching TV, and there he was, secure enough to fall asleep. He was vulnerable, as we are sometimes. However, we, too, must learn to trust.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV).

Thanks to my friend, Tracy Campbell, you can now see what he really looks like . . .

Ryuga 3


15 thoughts on “Lessons from a Lizard

      1. The fiction writer side of my brain asks how we can do this and block unwanted teleports. Burglars and unwanted solicitations… no thanks to them, but visiting family and friends would be great!

  1. Ramona Furst

    I’ve now had FOUR dogs over the years. Different breeds and different personalities and yet… the one trait they all have shared is a streak of stubbornness that driven me crazy?! You think God’s trying to say something here to me? (:


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