Round 3 . . . Here I Come

ROW Logo


– write two picture books per month and one other piece to submit to a paying market

– make headway in my children’s chapbook and my women’s novel

– continue blogging here, on Kim’s site, and on the CES site

– add stories and poems to my website

– complete both papers for my certification course


– continue to work with current clients

– take on new ones as they come my way and I’m able


– submit to two paying markets/potential agents per month (perhaps more)


– continue with my Bible reading

– read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month

– read at least one book for my certification course

ROW-related Goals

– check in once per week

– as a sponsor, faithfully visit and comment on your websites


– walk 3x/wk for at least a half hour

– resistance training 3-4 x/wk

– eat better

Labour Doula

– work with current clients

Pregnancy Fitness Educator

(see above)


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