Mrs. B Has Cancer

Mrs B CoverHow does a child deal with the news that a beloved adult has cancer? What questions does he have? What will she do to cope?

What will Tristan – and his friends – do when Mrs. B, tutor and friend, shares the doctors’ diagnosis?

Find out in Glynis M. Belec’s newest book. Glynis is a children’s author who doesn’t shy away from the tough questions. (She is also a precious friend and fellow The Word Guild member.)

Though this thin volume was written for young readers, adult readers will also gain an increased understanding of what cancer means to those diagnosed and the children who care for them.

Tristan doesn’t deal with the news the way an adult would. Most adults wouldn’t worry about laughing when they saw a friend or family member without hair.

But neither would most adults put their heads together with their friends and come up with something they could do to help. Tristan and the gang make some very grown up decisions, bring a smile to Mrs. B and fish to her tank.


You’ll understand once you read the book.

But shouldn’t we protect our children from the harsh realities of life?

Boys and girls are able to process difficult information in amazing ways. They learn soon enough that life is not idyllic . . . but it can be full of joy and laughter just the same.

Life for the author has not always been idyllic, but despite that fact, in her writing – and in her life – she brings much joy and laughter to the people around her.

From the back cover . . . “Glynis live, loves and laughs in a small Southern Ontario village where she gathers wonderful ideas from her inspiring students.”


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