July 7 ROW Check-In

Week 1 down . . . How’d it go for you?


I wrote another book review and a guest blog since Wednesday. (I keep typing “book report.” Must be flashbacks to high school.)

I have a news bulletin to assemble this weekend. It shouldn’t be difficult since I use a template of a past issue.

I hope to get some work done on my novel this coming week.


I’m all but finished the manuscript I’m working on. It has been an honour working with Michael Bull Roberts on his second book.


I plan to submit to one or two paying markets this coming week.


I am eating up books like they’re my favourite dessert. One reason I like a physical book is watching the progress as the bookmark gets closer and closer to the back cover. Somehow, a progress bar just isn’t the same.

ROW-related Goals

– posting and checking-in with my fellow ROWers on track so far


This week I’ve gone for a walk with my hubby and done two upper body workouts.

I’m drinking more water and eating less, though not quite as wisely as I would like to.

Don’t forget to visit your fellow ROWers on Facebook and join those of us with fitness goals at ROW80 Fitness.


9 thoughts on “July 7 ROW Check-In

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    1. I have several market guides on my shelf plus I’m a member of The Word Guild and InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship. I belong to the Facebook group Scribblers Submitting, though I haven’t submitted to any of the markets posted there – not yet at least.

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