July 14 ROW Check-In

Whoosh! The sound made by another week of ROW flying by.


This past week I’ve written three blog posts for SNEI and one guest post for Kimberley Payne.

I’ve also compiled a news bulletin and written a synopsis of her birth for one of my moms. (I’m a labour doula, just in case you’re visiting. Welcome, by the way!)

My plan is to write at least three blog posts in addition to ROW check-ins in the coming week.

I also want to write/revise Chapter 1 of my novel, Becca’s Choice, so I can submit it for a critique at the end of the week.


I have a number of clients/potential clients hovering in the queue. I have nothing to work on right now, but the whole “it never rains but it pours” scenario could be on me at any time.


This week I plan to submit Chapter 1 to my critique partner, a piece to a paying market, and a picture book manuscript to an agent for consideration.


This has definitely been the most time-consuming of all my projects this summer . . . and I love it. I am close to being done two more books. In fact, I should be finished one of them by the time this goes live.

ROW-related Goals

It’s a privilege to be a sponsor and I’m keeping up with my visits and posts so far this round.


– some upper body work, a little lower body work, and a couple of walks with my hubby

– eating some less and that’s a good thing

– drinking more; also a good thing as I rarely feel thirsty and can’t use that as a gauge

Don’t forget to visit your fellow ROWers on Facebook and join those of us with fitness goals at ROW80 Fitness.


2 thoughts on “July 14 ROW Check-In

  1. A very well balanced group of goals. It sounds like you made great progress, too.

    I have a cousin who’s working as a labor doula while she pursues her medical degree (not sure in what field). I know I wished I’d had one when I was having my babies, though my midwives were pretty awesome 🙂

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

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