Whatcha Readin’?

Stack of Books 4

Nancy Drew and Dr. Seuss

P.D. Eastman too

Names attached to books I love

Just to name a few

Curling up upon my couch

Or sprawled across the floor

Read a chapter, maybe two

Then I’ll read some more

Novels, texts, and writing blogs

eBooks by the score

Another order in the mail

Always room for more

You’re book poor, my mother said

I admit she’s right

This addiction has me hooked

Keeps me up at night

But that’s OK

It’s good for me

Books, we know, are friends

And tucked within their pages

The wonder never ends

Let’s all read

Expand our minds

Enjoy what we find there

And tell us all about it

It’s very nice to share

Please share what’s on your Summer Reading List. (I have a feeling my list is about to get much longer.)

34 thoughts on “Whatcha Readin’?

  1. Hello, ROWers . . . I’m further ahead with most of my goals than expected and because there is an exciting writing opportunity on the horizon, this is a different kind of check-in. You’re probably used to “different” from me by now. πŸ™‚

    To all my readers . . . Thank you in advance for sharing what’s on your To Read list.

  2. The very fact you wrote this post
    Just stirred the muse in me
    I need to do the dishes soon
    But I know you will agree –
    I can almost hear your voice
    Saying “Read or write –
    Feed the urges of the soul
    And you’ll soon see the light!
    Forget the chores, the boring things
    That clutter up your mind
    Instead go find a page or two
    Quick – see what you can find
    Then curl up snuggly on the couch
    With books you’ll soon feel free
    There’s nothing better in the world!”
    (You’re so smart – Stephanie!) xx

  3. I just finished Carolina Reckoning and I have Harvest of Gold, Millie’s Treasure, A Bride For All Seasons, and Light in the Ruins

  4. I have been reading historical novels set in 14th centurey by Mel Starr; his writing is detailed about Oxford and a surgeon who solves mysteries. I have now read three and intend to buy more. I have also been reading A Grace in Dyingby K Singh Klingham ( I think) about understanding how to help terminally ill patiients. I have also read Sandra Orchard’s book Shades of Truth a Y?A novel that my grand daughter is reading now and A Tumbled Stone by Marcia Maycock another Word guild member.

  5. Patricia Anne Elford

    Last week, when my computer’s internet connection had gone on strike, I went to the library to catch up on communications. Oh, no! Books on sale at incredible prices! They were clearing some shelves.

    I returned to the car, loaded down.

    Still to be read: One short story collection and one more mystery that I can’t really get into. It seems a bit thin after the others I’ve been reading.
    While the local power was off, these are the books read by one of those snakelike affairs with LED lights at either end wrapped around my neck:

    Clark, Mary Higgins * Let Me Call You Sweetheart
    Cornwell, Patricia * From Potter’s Field
    Douglas, Carole Nelson * Cat with an Emerald Eye
    James, P.D. * Death in Holy Orders
    James, P.D. * Original Sin
    Kelner, Tom L.P.*Wed and Buried
    Warren, Barbara* Murder at the Painted Lady
    All of these are mysteries, some better than others, but all with some humour, and, for the most part, a lack of unnecessarily graphic description.
    And, read just before the computer malfunctions, electrical storms, high winds and yet another basement flood … one of the best books I’ve read, Surprised by Oxford – A Memoir, by Carolyn Weber. I highly recommend it. She writes much as she spoke at Write!Canada. A GREAT storyteller!

  6. I’m reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for my English 101 class. On tap after that will be a Seth Godin fest: Linchpin and All Marketers are Liars. Now that I look at this, I think I’ll need to add some fiction after that. Have a great week, Steph. *smile*

    1. When asked who my favourite author was, I said Edgar Allan Poe. Not that I’m a huge fan of the darker things. It’s just that he paints such a vivid word picture. I can only take small doses though. I think the horror classics would be too much for me.

      Thanks for poppin’ by.

  7. Finished Dancing Softly, and almost done In the Eye of Deception by Nikki Rosen. Part way through Grandmother’s Necklace, and anthology. Completed Joni and Ken, by Joni & Ken Eraekson-Tada, and have Quitter by Jon Acuff, and Reimagine Your Retirement by Joyce Y. Li are on my pile, waiting their turn. I’d also recommend Mission of Mercy by Nancy Alcorn, and In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham. (Wow! I didn’t realize I was reading so much!)

  8. I like to alternate between fiction and non-fiction. The fiction I plan to read next is Critical Condition, a Love Inspired Suspense by Canadian, Sandra Orchard. The non-fiction is Your Best You – Discovering and Developing the Strengths God Gave You by Canadian, Bonnie Grove.

  9. I’m reading Carolyn Arends’ Theology in Aisle 7, and it’s excellent (nonfiction). To read this summer: Valerie Comer’s Raspberries and Vinegar, Louise Penny’s How the Light Gets In, Steve Rzasa’s Crosswind, a few more from my to-be-read pile (which ones will depend on what grabs me at the moment), I want to try one of David Weber’s Honor Harrington books from the library, and I suspect there’ll be another one of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series in there just for fun.

    That makes Christian living, farm lit, murder mystery, steampunk, random, science fiction and brilliantly off-the-wall fantasy. Eclectic enough to suit you, my friend?

    And Kimberley, I think you’ll appreciate Bonnie Grove’s Your Best You. I found it really helpful.

  10. A Scandalous Pursuit by Ava Stone
    Joyland by Stephen King
    Forever Road by Catie Rhodes
    After: First Light by Scott Nicholson
    Books 1-3 of the Erin Solomon Mysteries by Jen Blood
    One Tiny Secret by Adam Kunz
    Several books by Rose Gordon and by Ruth Ann Nordin

    So many more! My reading taste is very eclectic. πŸ™‚

    1. Isn’t eclectic a lovely word? It can apply to so many areas.

      What makes me think the word Joyland does not truly reflect a Stephen King novel? πŸ™‚

      Happy Reading, Lauralynn, and thanks for stopping by.

  11. I’m reading Kristen Lamb’s new book, “Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World.” It’s excellent. I finished reading a terrific new novel, urban fantasy, “Blessed and Cursed Alike” by Kiarna Boyd. I met the author recently and she’s awesome. I highly recommend it. I’m sort of stuck in the middle of “The White Road” (fantasy) by Lynn Flewelling. I really love her writing so I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten back to it yet. I’m also reading a really good little tome about labyrinths, “Walking a Sacred Path” by Lauren Atress.

    I love being a bookworm! I just read an article recently on some research saying that being an avid reader throughout your life can keep your mind sharp and help prevent dementia when you get older. A lucky side effect!


    1. Amazing how many of us have such diverse tastes in our reading material. I am definitely going to have some books to add to my reading list from all these suggestions.

      I appreciate you weighing in.

      Happy Reading

  12. On my short and possibly won’t get to this summer…

    How Much for Just the Planet (Trek reread)

    The Dark Mirror (borrowed from a friend, started, set aside)

    The Professor and the Madman

    Weird Water and Fuzzy Logic

    My Stroke of Insight

    The Unschooling Handbook

    Chop Wood, Carry Water

    Stranger in a Strange Land (beloved reread)

    I Am Not Spock (anything by Leonard Nimoy is research, right?!)

    Rise of the Machines

    And I know for sure that I will be reading the rough drafts of my WIPs Chameleon’s Dish and Bounded by a Nutshell, because I will be editing! =D

    This was a great poem, and a wonderful update!

  13. I just finished -Escape- by Carolyn Jessop and am part way through -My Sister’s Keeper- by Jodi Picoult. The lists from other people here will give me lots to work on for the rest of the summer! But I’m writing some of my own too! : ) Maybe those will be on someone’s list next summer. (I know, I know that’s wishful thinking!

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