4 Unlikely Places to Find Inspiration

A friend asked me if I could write a guest post for her blog. Thrilled. Honoured. And eager. I said yes.

And then I forgot. Sh, don’t tell.

Thankfully I was cleaning up my inbox and came across her request. Whew! I hadn’t missed the deadline.

The next hurdle . . . what to write about. She left it wide open.

This morning I had to pick up soup for my hubby’s lunch . . . Oh, good grief, I forgot to replenish his stock again and I was at the store after work today. Sigh!

Anyhoo, back to my story. When I was driving through the mall parking lot, I noticed the marquee. Yes. Yes. Yes. A movie I very much want to see is playing.

And that became the inspiration for my post “Old Heroes.” You’ll have to keep an eye on Darlene’s blog to read more.

There you have it, the first unlikely place to find inspiration for your writing. Check out those movie marquees.

We recently experienced a heat wave. Like many people, I’ve felt listless. And that gave me inspiration for yet another post. Kimberley Payne asked me to be a regular on her blog. I was thrilled. Hopefully, “Why Am I Tired?” will appear on her site in August. Who knew that feeling lethargic could be inspiring?

While applying what we learn in skills development books makes our work more readable – and hopefully, more salable – it can be far from inspiring. In fact, it can make us want to throw in the towel. (Those pesky cliches are everywhere.)

In the case of Editor-Proof Your Writing, I’ve been inspired to write a note of thanks to the author; help editing clients tell a more compelling story; and be on guard in my own writing, watching for things like the aforementioned dreaded cliche.

Practice may not make perfect, but it does make better – much better.

And I will have a lot more practice if I get the position I applied for recently. While it’s no surprise applying for a regular writing gig motivates one to write, it was the news that I’d been shortlisted that was really inspiring.

I’ve discovered I can’t not write. It is definitely part of who I am. Even if my work only reaches a limited audience, I will continue to put fingers to keyboard. However, receiving word that another sees value in my work doesn’t hurt one bit.

Necessity and acknowledgement are bound to inspire our writing.

Where do you find inspiration?

2 thoughts on “4 Unlikely Places to Find Inspiration

  1. Inspiration can be anywhere, and the trick is to keep our eyes open and be alert for it. It’s so easy to get focused on what we’re doing and miss the interesting tidbits all around us. If I’m having trouble coming up with a suitable idea, I’ll often pray for wisdom and keep looking. It’s amazing what turns up.

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