It’s Not the Heat . . .

Who else was draggy and unmotivated because of the heatwave? (By the way . . . Kudos! to all of you who live in perpetually hot climates and still manage to be productive.)

I thought it was about time to revisit my original Round 3 goals and see how things are coming.

So, here goes . . .


– write two picture books per month and one other piece to submit to a paying market <giggle, giggle, snort>

The new, revised, abridged, and much less ambitious replacement goal is to re-submit a rejected manuscript and write and submit a second by the end of the summer. When the fall is upon us, I’ll see how it goes.

– make headway in my children’s chapbook and my women’s novel

I’ve made no progress to date on my chapbook, but I have actually been working on my novel and have – wait for it – a critique partner.

– continue blogging here, on Kim’s site, and on the CES site

I’m on track with these goals and may have some exciting news in the not too distant future about another blogging opportunity.

– add stories and poems to my website

I’ve been mulling this over a fair bit and want to make a regular schedule . . . which sometimes helps – but not always.

– complete both papers for my certification course

I would like to have them both done by the end of August, but my aim is to at least complete one of them.


– continue to work with current clients

– take on new ones as they come my way and I’m able

I began another major project this past week and a former client has another project planned for the fall. That, plus what I already have on the go, should keep me hoppin’.

Working with my new client may make several of the goals below moot, but I will dream big anyway.


– submit to two paying markets/potential agents per month (perhaps more)

Submitting has taken a different turn with my blogging opportunities and the addition of a critique partner. Faithfully getting work off to them, though not helpful from the standpoint of my creditors, still counts.


– continue with my Bible reading (increased daily expectations since this round began; backed off a little while working in the church office – ironic somehow)

– read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month (I should still hit this goal if I take the average.)

– read at least one book for my certification course (I have yet to get back to this, but it will come.)

ROW-related Goals

– check in once per week (twice per week so far)

– as a sponsor, faithfully visit and comment on your websites (pretty much on track)


– walk 3x/wk for at least a half hour

– resistance training 3-4 x/wk

– eat better (changed to “eat well six days out of seven”)

I intend to do this for a solid month and let you know where I’m at by Labour Day weekend.

Labour Doula

– work with current clients

Pregnancy Fitness Educator

(see above)


Writing Communities/Social Networking

As a member of The Word Guild and as a new member of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship and FaithWriters, I want to actively participate in each community once or more per week and at least touch base on the social networks I don’t frequent often. I’ve also begun regularly responding to the prompts at The Write Practice. I look forward to exploring this site more in the days to come.

One final thing . . .

I resubmitted our Submission Package and the publisher hopes to get the contract to my co-author at the first of the week. Her memoir, which I was privileged to tell in story form, will be out later this year or early next if all goes as planned. Here’s hoping there aren’t too many edits on the horizon.

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