Do the Write Thing

Writing Graphic

I have been writing . . . forever.

Over the decades, the why and how have changed. Sometimes the words were just for me. At other times, they were intentionally written for someone else.

From youthful scribblings to early picture book manuscripts that have never seen the light of day.

From poetry to ponderings.

From rambling journal entries, working through my frustrations as a young mom, to a form of freewriting, looking for my creative self.

Journal after journal after journal. I get a pristine new book and plan to use it for only one kind of entry. That lasts for a day or two, sometimes even a week. But then it’s what handy for writing an Action Plan or a shopping list . . . and my grand plans come to naught – again. (I have two choices for those that sit gathering dust: toss them or go through them for the nuggets I want to save. Sigh! If only I could clone myself.)

My dabblings led to a desire to be published. (And yes, I know dabblings isn’t a real word. <grin>)

I sent out dozens of greeting card ideas . . . when one did so on file cards. (This doesn’t quite qualify for Ripley’s Believe it or Not, but it’s close.)

Between rejected greeting card sentiments and other unwanted pieces, I had enough pieces of paper from the bottom drawers of publishers’ desks to staple them together and use them as an object lesson for the children at church. (Yes, I actually did that.)

My first professionally published piece (1997) was a devotional in God’s Abundance. Although I wasn’t over the moon about that particular piece, I submitted it to the editor and low and behold, she chose it. (My hubby was incredibly supportive. It still blows me away.)

I’ve also written a few pieces that have appeared in magazines and online publications. And with the advent of social media and blogging . . . well, I’m writing a lot more, hopefully getting better as I go.

I wrote advertorials for our local paper for a year and a half. (Writing for pay, my dream job . . . my hubby’s nightmare. Contacting someone you don’t know. Going to their home or place of business. Conducting an interview. Taking their picture. Writing up a short piece. Dave would rather run and hide.)

I have picture book manuscripts in circulation and am waiting to hear from a number of agents. I also plan to get another couple of stories out before the end of the summer.

I have plans for a contemporary novel and a series of chapter books for readers ages 8-12. (Planning and doing are different, but the ideas are bee-bopping around my head.)

A number of years back, I was privileged to be put in touch with Deb Willows, a former Paralympian. Together we worked on her memoir and it’s due out later this year or early next. It is a kind of is-this-really-happening thing. We’re both excited about it. It has been one of her dreams for a very long time.

Whether you write for publication or just to sort out your thoughts, I encourage you to do the write thing.

How about you? What are you writing?

(Thank you to WP Clipart for the use of this and other public domain graphics.)


2 thoughts on “Do the Write Thing

  1. Glynis Jolly

    Back in the 1990s I write articles for a monthly newsletter of a non-profit organization. So far those have been my only published writings. However, recently I started a writing project that I hope will be a published book eventually. All of my other writing has been because I feel compelled to write. I’m hooked. 😉

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