Goodbye, July, ROW Check-In

Fountain Pen Pic

Writing – I’m on track with my blogging but must get back to my fiction, including the picture book manuscript I’ve committed to write by the end of summer.

Critiquing – I love being a critique partner. It’s fun getting a sneak peak at another author’s WIP.

Editing – I’m pretty much on track. I should be done the first read-through of a new manuscript by the end of the week.

Girl on Stack of Books

Reading – I’ve slowed down some but look forward to getting back at it.


Submitting – I’ve been submitting my guest blogs on schedule and have committed to submitting two picture book manuscripts by the end of August.

ROW Logo

ROW Check-Ins & Visits – I’m on track this round. Just in case there’s any question, I love being part of this community.


Exercise – Tomorrow is the first day of my Thirty Day Challenge. I am looking for my body’s happy place. I’m not so concerned about my weight or the size of clothes I wear, but by the end of the month I should have a good idea what’s right for me personally.

Join your fellow ROWers on Facebook. And if you’d like to chat about fitness, swing on by ROW80 Fitness as well.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, July, ROW Check-In

  1. Go Stephanie! I’m loving those icons and all your progress. I too love being a CP, although I find it difficult to find a reliable one. Well, I have one reliable one, but that’s it. People are fickle 😦 Best of luck with your goals.

    Shah X

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by so faithfully, Shah. I’ve responded to a few prompts over at The Write Practice. One of the commenters there would make an amazing CP. He has a keen eye. One would have to take a deep breath before pressing Send (he is straightforward, to say the least), but his comments are very helpful.

      Happy writing . . . and editing. 🙂

  2. Glynis Jolly

    Stephanie, I sent you a personal message at Facebook. Because I just connected to you there, the message I got when I sent the message said that my message would be in your ‘other folder’, whatever that means. I have a question about ROW80 is all.

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