Three in One

Monday got away from me.

Tuesday . . . Well, I’m not quite sure what happened to Tuesday.

And yesterday, a virus took me down for the count, slept and vegged pretty much all day.

So, today’s post will be a three in one.

Monday Ponderings

In 2008 our son headed two provinces west to attend Bible college. He loves it there and has made Saskatchewan his home.

This year our eldest traveled to Germany for the third consecutive year to hang out with 80,000 or so of his closest friends (aka attend a metal music festival). Seems this year one friend shone above the rest . . . and he is seriously considering relocating to the other side of the Pond.

Our youngest is still at home, but when she is financially able, she wants to get her own place. As Martha Stewart would say, “And that’s a good thing.”

And why this brief family history?

I just want to encourage parents out there to take a look at that To Do Someday list. Though my kids have lived under our roof longer than many, when they leave, they really leave. And that’s OK. It’s as it should be.

However, there are several things I wish I’d done differently. There are also things I once deemed important that turned out not to matter much at all.

As the saying goes, “The days are long, but the years go by fast.” Those siblings who never seem to get along emphasize the first half of that statement. But trust me, the second half is equally true.

Today I encourage you – no matter how old your children are – to make some happy memories.

And boy, am I glad we live in the cyber age! I may come to depend on email and Skype way more.

Write Tuesday

Over the years I have learned several lessons from rejection.

I received so many pulled-from-the-bottom-drawer rejection letters (yes, physical letters; I am that old) that I stapled them together, rolled them up, and used them as an object lesson for the kids at church.

Now that I receive rejections via email, I’m not such a drain on the pulp and paper industry – or is that benefactor? Hm, I wonder. But I digress . . .

What have I learned?

1. They’re rejecting my work – not me.

2. Just because a piece isn’t right for one market doesn’t mean it won’t be just what another publisher is looking for.

3. An honest evaluation of the work that was rejected may very well point out weaknesses in my writing.

4. If I’m serious about the craft, I must be willing to strengthen the weak areas. There are countless books, blogs, and online writing challenges that can help.

5. My dreams won’t come true unless I’m willing to “put myself out there.”

6. I can encourage other writers with the lessons I’m learning. Although writing is a solitary endeavour, knowing others understand the sting of rejection and are learning from it is a huge help.

ROW Check-In

A trip to the airport on Monday, the amazing vanishing Tuesday, and sicky Wednesday means I have very little to report.

However . . .

I completed the first read-through of my client’s manuscript and she was appreciative of the comments I made. (It’s never easy to critique another writer’s work even if that’s what I’m getting paid for.)

I did edit a brief piece yesterday for a new client. Considering how I felt, I’ll call this a huge victory.

I’m participating in WriteOnCon next week, so I should do some prep work for that.

I also have a chapter to go over and two rewritten chapters to review for a third client.

I’ve been sticking pretty closely to my 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I even did an upper body workout yesterday despite feeling blech. It’s much easier to say no to sweets since I allow myself a cheat day each week.

All the best, one and all. Here’s to a productive remainder of the week.

6 thoughts on “Three in One

  1. Hope you are feeling better. I agree that days are long and years fly by fast when you have children, and they grow up without your permission. Enjoy the freedom though. God bless.

  2. Glynis Jolly

    You say that you didn’t get much done during those 3 days, and yet, your list of accomplishments for this week thus far is better than mine by a long shot. Take a bow, Stephanie.

    1. And now if my computer would just cooperate. I’m temporarily using my hubby’s, but because he has an older version of Word, working on my clients’ stuff is out of the question, just rectangles and other icons. Sigh! Thankfully, I have nothing pressing.

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