Friday Frustration

My computer was slow . . . Now it’s not working. (I’m using my hubby’s temporarily.)

I really should have taken my friend up on his offer to deal with my problems when I could actually give him remote access. (Yes, I know him personally. And no, he isn’t out to mess up my computer. :D)

So, in summation, this is how I feel today . . .



4 thoughts on “Friday Frustration

  1. Glynis Jolly

    To tell you the truth, I’m comforted by this post. Knowing that I’m not the only one who is having frustration tribulations this week is eliminating the feeling of being alone with it all. I hope you are able to fix the problem with your computer. Although they are a necessity, we’ve gotten use to their abilities to make our lives easier.

    1. It has been very good for the condition of my house. I have organized, decluttered, and cleaned much of what I have too long neglected (and found out once I get started I actually like getting things in order). 😀

      I hope this week is proving far less frustrating, Glynis.

    1. Plan B – get a new computer
      Plan B Part 2 – go to London again; this time get the needed installation CD so I can get on the Internet
      Plan B Part 3 – grab all my files from my cloud
      Plan B Part 4 – run ccleaner and get rid of all unneeded files that could slow down my new computer 😛

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