Reasons, Not Excuses

I have some good reasons for neglecting my blogging schedule and not engaging readers on my website, Twitter, and my Facebook page. I also have some less-than-stellar reasons that I refuse to use as excuses.

So, just what do I deem good reasons?

I have been spending time with my family and that’s a very good thing.

I have realized just how short the days are. I must accept it’s far easier to write a long To Do list than accomplish everything on it – especially when I’m feeling uninspired.

Taking these and other factors into account, I have been seeking to rightly prioritize my time.

And those other reasons?

Said lack of inspiration. I often find writing anything at all – except maybe a shopping list – gets the creative juices flowing. It’s great to have “an angle” before starting, but sometimes that comes later – sometimes, much later.

Achiness has kept me from exercising. That and laziness. Even when my shoulder is bothering me, there are lots of exercises I can do.  Plus, I know full well that lack of exercise = more achiness and more laziness.

I love, love, love being able to determine my own schedule. I almost hate to admit this can lead to lack of productivity. It’s good to celebrate each task that gets done, but I can’t allow myself too much downtime or I lose momentum.

With all that said, let’s proceed to my goals for the coming week.

ROW LogoReading

Read 16 chapters in the Gospel of Matthew.

Complete Sketchy Behavior and get together with Millie to discuss it. After which, I may begin the next book we chose for our Book Club for Two.

Read 3-5 chapters of Deadly Devotion.

Read the best parts of one of the texts for my certification course.


Continue to work on my client’s historical novel, Stone’s Hope.

Connect via phone with another client re: revamping his first chapter.


– prayer journal five or more days

– four guest posts

– two posts for SNEI

– a poem for my client whose wee one was stillborn

Social Networking/Platform Building

– post on my website

– create a schedule for social networking that includes limiting my time on my Facebook profile and increasing time elsewhere

– of course, visit my fellow ROWers


– prep my display for the fundraiser I am attending this coming Saturday


– walk at least twice

– complete a full-body workout at least three times

– create a new routine for one of the two classes I may be teaching Monday nights


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