Race to the Finish (ROW)

Speeding Car PicThe end of Round 3 is coming quickly.

Before then, I would like to accomplish the following . . .


– polish as much of Client #1’s rewritten manuscript as she sends my way

– rework Client #2’s first chapter

– work with other clients who touch base with me


– four more blog posts for Monday Motivation

– two or more blog posts for Kimberley Payne

– four or more blog posts for SNEI

– write my sponsor post for Round 4

Social Networking

– prep a schedule for posts and follow-through (in order to make more connections and build my platform)

Fitness Instructing

– prep a new pre- and postnatal workout for weekly classes I may begin teaching in October

– work on my pregnancy fitness educator certification at least three days per week


– read an average of 20 chapters per week of the NT

– read for my certification (hopefully completing one book)

– complete Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard

complete half of Swipe for my Book Club for Two

How about you? Whether you’re involved in A Round of Words in 80 Days or not, what are your goals for the next couple of weeks?

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