Almost at the Finish Line

So, how did I do this past week . . . and what does the week ahead look like?


– polish as much of Client #1’s rewritten manuscript as she sends my way Because of computer craziness, I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to. However, this week is shaping up differently. I plan to fire of the first eight chapters to her and start work on the others she has forwarded.

– rework Client #2’s first chapter “Why didn’t you write it this way the first time? (LOL) It’s so much cleaner and better.” As you can see, my client liked the rewrite.

– work with other clients who touch base with me I best get busy with my ongoing projects. More are hovering in the queue and will soon need attention.


– four more blog posts for Monday Motivation I got two written. I will write two or three this week.

– two or more blog posts for Kimberley Payne I got one written. I will write one or more per week from here on out.

– four or more blog posts for SNEI Schedule topics or write when inspired? It’s a tough call, but I need to buckle down and get writing.

– write my sponsor post for Round 4 It’s on my Action Plan for this week.

Social Networking

– prep a schedule for posts and follow-through (in order to make more connections and build my platform) I’ve transferred this to this week’s Action Plan as well.

Fitness Instructing

– prep a new pre- and postnatal workout for weekly classes I may begin teaching in October I want to prep and practice one workout this week and one next week.

– work on my pregnancy fitness educator certification at least three days per week I worked on it two days last week and aim to do so three or more days this week.


– read an average of 20 chapters per week of the NT I’ve changed this to 18 chapters per week in order to read the NT before the end of the year.

– read for my certification (hopefully completing one book) I should be able to complete one book this week.

– complete Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard The breadcrumbs are all there, but I don’t know which ones lead to the murderer. Well done, my friend!

– read at least 105 pages of Bridge of Faith, a pre-published manuscript by Cathy West

complete half of Swipe for my Book Club for Two I will continue to putter away at this book, but my fellow BC member hasn’t quite finished the first book, Sketchy Behavior, so I don’t need to rush.

What are your goals, fellow ROWers for the rest of Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days?

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