Lots to Do


Welcome to Day 2 of OctPoWriMo.

Here goes . . .

I said I’d write a poem a day

And so this poem I’ll write,

I’ve piles of things surrounding me,

Some keep me up at night.

My Action Plan is very long,

It just goes on and on,

And then more things present themselves,

The list is never done.

And for some reason, on this day,

My eyes just want to close,

Shoulder tension, aching head,

I’ve had enough of those.

I’d rather stop and paint my nails

Than think about my work,

Procrastination’s not my friend,

In fact, it’s quite a jerk.

The funny thing, i like my tasks

And chores when they are done,

I guess I’ll give my head a shake,

Get started on the fun.

The afternoon and evening too

Still lie ahead of me,

The laundry, dishes, and my list

Don’t mean that I’m not free.

My clients and my family clan

Don’t tie me to my tasks,

In fact they teach me many things

And bring me joy that lasts.

And so the clothes I put away,

The calls that I did make,

The open files that wait for me,

Not one is a mistake.

I get to do the things I do,

Instead of “having to,”

I’ll cross them off this list of mine,

Maybe leave a few.

For tomorrow’s another day

Lord willing, I will see,

Another list will chart my course

And on it Po-em Three.


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